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Mr. Rahul V. Karad
Executive President


“The true Indian Culture and hospitality remains safe in the hands of rural communities.Their struggle for survival is inspiring and their contribution for food security for our country is enormous.”

I am of strong opinion that the true Indian culture and hospitality remain safe in the hands of rural communities.

My idea of Rural Immersion Programme was not only limited to give exposure to university students to visit villages as a part of one day rural tourism activity but to create a learning opportunity for students of urban background by actually living in the farmer’s house for few days, understand their plight, problems and value system and their courage to cope up with the continuous natural and man-made calamities the farming sector facing. Their struggle is inspiring and their contribution to food security for our country is enormous.

The MIT-WPU’s Rural Immersion Programme is designed and evolved as ‘Bharat To India’ and ‘India To Bharat’ which is a learning and empowering experience for the youth and even for faculty members.

I am all sure that the way in which our Rural Immersion Program team is implementing this unique activity, it will attract the attention of global higher education sector and many more Universities and HEIs will follow our path for the progress of the rural communities in their respective countries.