Robotics & Automation Engineering


Program Overview

The increased demand of current industry for efficiencies and safety has led to a greater need for professionals with an added expertise in the field of ‘Robotics & Automation’. Robotics & Automation combines design, construction, operation, and application of robots coupled with computer based control systems, sensory feedback, and information processing. The design of a robotic system puts together principles of electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and computer engineering.
A B.Tech specialization with Robotics & Automation Engineering will enable students to serve the Industry requirement for implementation of new and smart technologies covering methods of synthesis, analysis & optimization of newer robots and mechanisms. The initial job functions in the field include- Robotics Engineer, Robotics Wielding, Mobile Robotics, 3D Robotics, and Robotics Engineer at E-commerce Giants amongst others. Immediate & long term employment opportunities exist in the fields like industrial automation, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, aerospace, healthcare and defense. Also this field finds applications in the regular streams like mechanical systems/design engineering, electronics systems engineering and control systems engineering.

Salient features

Robotics & Automation Engineering involves design development and up-gradation in terms of automating products, systems and processes in every walk of human life.

  • ROBOCON -An established and International level Winning Student group on Campus

  • Hands-on Experience of Robotics and Automation Theory & Practice

  • Upgraded lab environments provide tools useful in the development of analytical skills, modeling and

  • simulation skills to identify and analyze problems, propose and execute solutions.

  • Training on electronic lab equipment, CNC machining, 3-D printers and CAD design software.

  • Discipline-specific hardware and software tools used in the industries Creo-Parametric, MATLAB, DelCAM, Robomaster, Adams and other specialized industrial robotic control and simulation software’s.

Program Structure

B.Tech Robotics & Automations is an extensive study program at MIT WPU covering basic sciences, foundation courses for building fundamental knowhow about robotics & Automation to more detailed discipline oriented courses along with branch specific courses and study project (as required by industries).

  • Specialized Subject Studies :

    • Introduction to Programming

    • Problem Solving

    • Applied Mathematics

    • Physics and Metallurgy of Metals & Non-metals

    • Advanced Programming and Data Structures

    • Engineering Mechanics covering statics & dynamics

    • Electrical and Electronic Circuits

    • Mechatronics & Mechanical Systems Design

    • Robotics: Structure Systems and Design

    • Control Systems for Robots & Automation systems.

  • Twenty Weeks: Industry Internship/Live Project at National Level- 30 Credits

  • Four Weeks: International Modular Training/ Certification Program at reputed organization / university- 4 Credits

  • Two Weeks: Modular Certification Program at reputed organization during program at National Level- 2 Credits

  • One Week Rural Immersion Program- 1 Credit

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