Research & Development

India enjoys the reputation across the globe of being the Nation, which produces World Class Engineers, Scientists and Management Graduates. MIT-WPU fosters a culture of Research & Development amongst its students and faculties. We believe Research and Innovation strengthens the fabric of Innovative thinking and contributes to the progress of Society and Mankind as a whole.

MIT-WPU encourages faculty members and students at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels take the course of research and innovation in successful implementation of identified Project works.

We envision preparing our students at par with any other student of International Level. We are realistically ambitious to publish quality research results in National and International Conferences and Journals. To enrich their Learning Process, we plan to host well-known personalities from Academia and Industry to offer Invited Talks in the Seminars, Workshops and Conferences.

The state-of-the-art facilities at MIT-WPU will enable every aspiring student to conduct their research activities and enhance their career scope. We will expect that every student will go the extra mile to learn not only the pre-defined academic curriculum, but also to blend it with the need of today’s Industry, and experiment the new ideas and concepts, translating them into Innovative Research results.


    • To create research awareness amongst our faculty members and students.

    • To facilitate mutual cooperation between researchers for interdisciplinary research.

    • To establish a forward and backward linkage among different sectors like Industry, R&D organizations, foreign universities and apex bodies.

    • To work towards developing various Departments under MIT-WPU as internationally recognized R&D centers.


    • To organize various events like national and international conferences, workshops on research methodology and patents, symposia, guest lectures in order to achieve the pre-stated aim of enhancing the research awareness.

    • To have faster collaboration and interaction with researchers working on disciplinary and interdisciplinary research.

    • To encourage every faculty member for research proposal writing and to participate in R&D activities leading to Doctoral degree.

R&D Activities

    • Organizing guest lectures delivered by eminent researchers from industry and academia. (At least once in a month)

    • Deputing faculty members for higher studies and collaborative research to National and International institutes.

    • Extending opportunities to final year students doing their projects to participate in various projects funded and sponsored by the various apex bodies and organizations like UGC, CSIR, ICSSR, DRDO and UOP.

    • Our faculty members are actively involved in various R&D activities like writing research proposals for submission to UoP, DST, AICTE, IBM, DBT, and UGC, publishing research papers in peer reviewed research journals, presenting research papers in National and International Conferences, delivering talks in Workshops and Conferences, organizing National Conferences, STTP’s and Workshops for faculty.

    • Organizing Paper presentation contest for students at national level.

    • Organizing various extra and co-curricular activities for students and faculty members from time to time.

    • Many faculty members have collaboration and MoU with national and international R & D organizations and industry.

Facilities and Incentives

    • Incentives in the form of increments are given to faculty members actively involved in research.

    • Meritorious researchers are given some relaxation in their teaching workload.

    • Institute is also distributing seed money to faculty for their R&D projects to start their research work in the initial phase.

    • Giving partial financial assistance to students, based on the merit of the proposal submitted for obtaining funded projects.


    • Forty research projects are in operation at MIT-WPU, sponsored by various funding agencies. Several faculty members of MIT-WPU are recognized as guides for PhD in their respective subjects by many universities. A few students are working under their supervision. A Research Center in Geology is functioning in Petroleum department of MIT-WPU. Several of faculty members in MIT-WPU have contributed research papers in international and national level journals and conferences.