Ph.D Mathematics

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The Department of Mathematics & Statistics offers a highly research-intensive Doctoral programme and provides students with excellent facilities and expert guidance to support their research endeavors. The programme is designed to help postgraduate students develop research skills and prepare for careers in academia or research. The programme provides specialised training in research components such as hypothesis creation, research questions, literature review, research ethics, and the use of online tools and resources. The programme has a strong focus on interdisciplinary research and encourages students to pursue innovative and entrepreneurial ideas in their chosen areas of study.

The Department has a team of young dynamic researchers from various fields of pure as well as applied Mathematics and Statistics. The research supervisors have a good number of publications in peer reviewed reputed national/international journals.

The areas of research are Topology, Topology, Metroid Theory, Combinatory, Graph Theory, Algebra, Lattice Theory, Discrete Mathematics, optimization techniques, logistics and supply chain management, Dynamical Systems, Solid Mechanics, Mathematical Modelling, Clinical Trials etc.

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3 Years
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Ph.D Mathematics

Research Supervisors
S.N. Name of the Research Supervisor Research areas of the Supervisor Email address of the Supervisor Scopus ID , Researchers ID, Personal website link  and Vidwan profile link  of the Supervisor
1 Dr. Prashant P. Malavadkar Matroid Theory,
Graph Theory,
Combinatorics and
Discrete Mathematics
ORCID: 0000-0001-7706-3286
2 Dr. Rupal C. Shroff Algebra, Lattice Theory, Graph theory and discrete mathematics and Scopus Author ID: 56740513200 ,
3 Dr. Amey Deshpande Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, Fractional Differential Equations Scopus
Researchers ID
Vidwan Link
4 Dr. A. Akibasha Optimization Techniques, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Fuzzy & Rough Set Theory, Sensitivity Analysis Scopus Id:
Web of Science:
5 Dr. Mukesh Pal Elastodynamics;
Wave Propagation;
Modelling of Smart
mukesh.pal@mitw &
Google scholar
Web of Science
Researcher ID:

Research Scholars Information

S. N. Name of the scholar Name of the supervisor Title
1 Mr. Gunjal Sachin Shivaji Dr. Prashant Malavadkar On Codes, matroids and related results
2 Mr. Narke Amol Prakash Dr. Prashant Malavadkar On energy and path energy of graphs and related results
3 Ms. Kshirsagar Pratibha Sharad Dr. Rupal Shroff A Study of graphs derived from ordered structures
4 Mr. Jagadale Uday Vilas Dr. Prashant Malavadkar On binary pancyclic and unipancyclic matroids
5 Ms. Rajashree Sahadeo Jadhav Dr. Amey Deshpande A Study Of Nonlinear Time Fractional Partial Differential Equations
6 Ms. Rasika Ravindra Deshpande Dr. Amey Deshpande Applications of Fractional Dynamical Systems for Designing Novel Cryptographic Techniques
7 Ms. Shahin Abdul Shaikh Dr. Rupal Shroff An extended study of zero divisor graph of commutative rings
8 Mr. Kundan Nagare Dr. Prashant Malavadkar Course work completed and title presentation is pending.
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