Ph.D. Chemical Engineering

Programme Overview

The Doctoral Research (Ph.D.) programme in Chemical Engineering aims to upskill and reskill graduate students from Chemical, Petrochemical, Petroleum, Polymer, Oil and Paints, Environmental, Applied Chemistry and allied branches into technology practitioners. The programme equips students to build on the knowledge acquired during their Masters and bachelor’s education and study the various streams of Chemical Engineering in depth for careers in academia, research, and industry. The candidates acquire advanced knowledge and contemporary and future oriented and entrepreneurial skill sets which opens career opportunities in numerous fields. With the upcoming ‘New and Green Hydrogen Energy Centre’, the Ph.D.scholars at the Department would have affluent opportunities in the career aspects of Decarbonization, EV batteries, BioMethane and Green Hydrogen generation

The programme offers two specialisations

Scholarship DetailsScholarship Details

3 Years
Programme Name

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering

Supervisors information
S.N. Name of the Research Supervisor Research areas of the Supervisor Email address of the Supervisor Scopus ID , Researchers ID, Personal website link  and Vidwan profile link  of the Supervisor
1 Dr Kiran D Patil Separation Science and Engineering, Reaction Engineering and Catalysis (Scopus Profile)  (ORCID Profile) (Vidwan Profile) (Semanticscholar)
2 Dr Dinesh
Environmental Engg, Wastewater Treatment Scopus ID: 57210574851
ResearcherID: ADP-9150-2022
3 Dr Minal Deshmukh Multiphase Flow Applications Orcid ID: 0000-0002-6534-5005
Research Scholar information
Sl. No. Name of the Research Scholar Name of the PhD Supervisor Date of Registration Title of the PhD
1 Shri. Amolkumar Desale Dr M B Kulkarni 05-10-2017 Studies on Permeation through Biopolymers, Blends and Composites
2 Mrs Shital Dehankar Dr Ratnadip R Joshi 09-03-2019 Degradation of Pharmaceutical compounds using Advanced Oxidation Processes
3 Shri. Nikunj B Shah Dr Kiran D Patil 09-03-2019 Microplastic Removal from Domestic Effluent
4 Shri. Fahad Shaikh Dr Ratnadip R Joshi 07-08-2021 Evaluation of various techniques for removal of scale deposition in Coal Bed Methane
5 Shri. Nana Khandu Satpute Dr Vasi Shaikh Coursework 2021-22 Yet to be decided, Coursework completed
6 Shri. Ganesh Sitaram Zade Dr Kiran D Patil Coursework 2021-22 Yet to be decided, Coursework completed
7 Mrs. Dhanashri Sumedh Pendse Dr Mrs Minal Deshmukh Coursework 2021-22 Yet to be decided, Coursework completed
8 Mrs. Himangi Tanmay Neve Dr M B Kulkarni Coursework 2021-22 Yet to be decided, Coursework completed
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