Ph.D Biochemistry

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The Department of Biosciences offers research-intensive PhD programmes designed to help postgraduate students develop research skills and prepare for careers in academia or research.

The scholars, researchers and guides at the Department are engaged in research in diverse research areas of fundamental & applied biology like molecular microbiology, genomics, Bioinformatics, Cell biology, Plant biotechnology, Proteomics, Nanobiotechnology, Biosensors, Biomimetics, Complexity Biology, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Metabolomics, Biofertilizers, Biocontrol and Integrated Nutrient Management.

The Department also focuses on advanced interdisciplinary translational research in the areas of Point-of-Care biosensors, diagnostic tools, multiplexed detection methodology, Lab-on-Chip devices, nutraceuticals and bio-actives production.

Highly equipped research laboratories at the Department includes

The Department of Biology, MIT-WPU welcomes dedicated and motivated students passionate about science and technology to pursue promising research prospects.

Scholarship DetailsScholarship Details

3 Years
Programme Name

Ph.D Biochemistry

Research Supervisors
S.N. Name of the Research Supervisor Research areas of the Supervisor Specific research areas offered at SoBT Email address of the Supervisor Scopus ID , Researchers ID, Personal website link  and Vidwan profile link  of the Supervisor
1 Dr. Anup Kale Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology Nanobiotechnology, Biomaterials and biomimetics, Biosensors, Point-of-Care and Diagnostics, Nutraceuticals, Bioengineering, Molecular docking and molecular interactions for therapeutic applications
2 Dr. Shilpa Chapadgaonkar Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology Tissue engineering and disease models, Biopharmaceutical production and purification, Enzyme Technology, Biotechnological solutions for sustainability and circular economy
3 Dr. Manasi Mishra Biotechnology, Biochemistry Plant defense proteins and peptides, Plant bioactive molecules, Protein engineering, Botanical therapeutics, Molecular diversity and evolution, Structure-function relationships
4 Dr. Manish Datt Biotechnology Comparative genomics, Computational biology, Molecular dynamics and simulation, Programming and high-performance computing
5 Dr. Nithya Kutty Biotechnology, Biochemistry Plant specialized metabolites- Understanding Biosynthesis and Regulation for production of value-added products through conventional and biotechnological approaches, Plant Volatiles, Microbial volatiles mediated plant growth promotion and stress tolerance
6 Dr. Rehan Deshmukh Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry Electrochemical and optical biosensor development for amplification-free detection of bacteria and viruses; Novel approaches for surface functionalization of sensing electrodes; Nanomaterials synthesis; Real-time PCR-based sensing of pathogens; Enzyme technology; Nutraceuticals
Research Scholars
S.No. Name of Scholar Name of Supervisor Date of Registration Title
1 Lokare Shital Sanjay Dr. Anup Kale 29-10-2020 Enhanced Bioactive Production of Pectinase using nano-composites for application in fruit Juice Industry.
2 Shradha Pramod chaudhari Dr. Shikha V. Gaikwad 07-12-2021 Physicochemical characterization and biological activity assessment of extracted beta-glucans from eukaryote
3 Hrutuja Surendra Shirsat Dr. Manasi Mishra 07-12-2021 Functional characterization of cyclic plant peptides and their development as therapeutic agents
4 Chintan Hasmukh Bhatt Dr. Anup Kale 07-12-2021 Development of Diatom based Nanomaterials for Biosensing in Diagnostic Applications
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