BFA- (Bachelor of Fine arts)

A BFA or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree helps young designers become industry-ready professionals in the 21st Century. It allows students to become the most creative part of the modern workforce that is focused on visual arts and design. While doing this, they also gain a comprehensive view of what it’s like to work in the creative industry.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Applied Arts) gives you an understanding of how visual communication works, introduces you to the history and nature of the advertising industry and discusses how the visual design industry and society are interlinked. Topics will include theories about how communication takes place and lectures will cover some of the key debates that have occupied the analysis of visual communication in recent decades. Students will further examine the current form of the visual design industry and consider their likely future in the light of the new era. Students will research and study different dimensions, the nature and influence of new technologies, scoters, and consider national and international developments.

Pursuing a BFA degree allows you to understand how to communicate using visuals instead of words. You will learn the history and the nature of the advertising industry while having discussions about the relationship between the visual design industry and society as a whole. It also introduces you to various aspects of advertising and showcases the vital role that visual design plays in it. Apart from practical design courses, this degree also covers theories on the fundamentals of visual communication that will help form the basis of your design career. You will also have debates regarding the analysis of visual design in recent years. Students are encouraged to examine the current form of the visual design industry while considering the path they wish to choose. This course also encourages students to research various dimensions and factors that influence design and its developments.

In the final year, the course places a strong emphasis on exploring practical aspects of elective based projects, helping students to acquire the skills to work in specialized areas of industry, such as Advertising, Branding, Graphic Design, Corporate Communications, Visual Communication, Packaging Design, User Interface and Experience Design, Online Media, and the likes. It is this combination of theory, practical and life experience that makes visual communication a stimulating, challenging and enjoyable area of study.

During the final year, students are encouraged to explore the practical aspects of their knowledge through their projects. This allows them to acquire industry-ready skills for various fields such as Advertising, Graphic Design, Visual Communication, UI/UX Design, Branding, and more. This degree allows students to explore both the ultimate trinity of practical learning, theoretical aspects, and life experiences of visual design while creating an enabling yet challenging environment that allows the students to learn, achieve, and grow in this field.

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BFA- (Bachelor of Fine arts)

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