School of polymer Engineering



Creation of a self-sustaining centre for polymer research and studies.



Development of a cadre of technically knowledgeable, ethically sound and professionally competent Polymer Engineers.

School of Polymer Engineering

Through the science of chemistry, earth’s basic building blocks – like carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen – are transformed into materials that have helped revolutionize society.
Today, the men and women of the polymer industry are focused on the needs of tomorrow through extensive research into the field of polymer engineering and its sustained use across all industry segments.
Polymers are now involved in numerous ground-breaking technologies such as electricity conduction, superheated substances, and nanotechnology. This ensures that the future of polymer engineering is not only secure but is sure to blossom into specializations that will become engineering disciplines in themselves! The polymer industry is a multi-Billion-dollar industry and is growing each year. All factories use polymer components and are in dire need of polymer engineers.

MIT-WPU and Polymer Engineering

MIT-WPU recognized the potential of polymers from very early on and this has had a department of Polymer Engineering existing since 1983. Thus, it comes as no surprise that MIT-WPU has the best polymer department in the state of Maharashtra and one of the best in the country. Not content with that, MIT-WPU actively promotes deep research into the field of polymers and offers many specializations within polymer engineering to better serve the burgeoning polymer industry. The growing demand for polymer engineering and the close-knit nature of the polymer engineering community make this one of the best and most attractive engineering courses offered at MIT-WPU.