MIT-WPU Faculty of Engineering & Technology


My four years at MIT College of Engineering have been excellent and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. The years spent here have been full of learning opportunities that were full of fun and frolic and sometimes with an academic grind that one has to go through. MIT-COE’s faculty of management has been very supportive all throughout. They have not only guided me but also motivated me when I needed it the most. The college campus gives an exposure to make you a better man to face the challenges of the corporate world.

Shubham Sihasane – B.E. MITCOE – placed in Accenture

It gives me a lot of pleasure to say that I have completed my engineering from MITCOE. This college has been such a strong support to help me build my career and has given me all the possible opportunities to prove my worth. There are a bunch of engineering colleges in our country but the outlook that this college has given cannot be compared to any other college. Its all because of my teachers I got placed in such a reputed company and got a kick start for my career. The four years that I’ve spent here were full of new opportunities and challenges which finally led to such a great conclusion.

Samridhi Agrawal – B.E. MITCOE – placed in VODAFONE SHARED SERVICES

I feel great studying at MITCOE. It is dream come true, being an IT engineer and getting to work with such a huge MNC in the beginning of my career.

Nikhil Urade – B.E. MITCOE – placed in IBM

MIT’s faculty of mechanical engineering has been very supportive throughout the course. They guided me and at the same time motivated me to pursue extra curricular activities as well. The Placement Department were also key in giving me the opportunity to connect with well-known companies. I shall remain grateful to MIT for bolstering my career.

Gaurav Gokhale – B.E. MIT, PUNE – placed in Michelin India

I am very glad to share a positive journey of Engineering at MIT World Peace University. Here the atmosphere is full of motivation and innovation. All the faculties are very enthusiastic and always available to help. They are very cooperative and campus environment is very positive.

The Placement Department of MIT has good connections with the industry leading to various opportunities of careers available to us. I’m grateful to this university for giving me a brilliant breakthrough for my career.

MIT has made the best efforts to provide all the facilities for their students that could help them achieve their dreams. But yes, it’s just the beginning, I have learned it all from you in these two years and I am going to work on those principles for the rest of my life.
Akshay Laheja, CAIRN.

Akshay Laheja – B.E. MIT, PUNE – placed in CAIRN

I am pursuing my BE degree in ENTC branch at MITCOE. The professors here are very helpful and encouraging. MITCOE has a lot of opportunities during the courses and also after completion of the degree. It is a platform for talented and hardworking students who really want to pursue something interesting in their field of interest. Being one of the colleges approved by AICTE, and also having opportunities outside INDIA, this college offers the best for its students.


MIT-WPU is amongst the best private universities in India. It has been dedicated to expanding knowledge and inspiring innovation. MITWPU’s faculty is engaged in enriching students by improving their intellectual as well as technical skills. I am grateful to MITWPU’s training and placement cell for captivating many prestigious firms and taking efforts in thorough preparation of students during the recruitment process. Today, MIT World Peace University is offering every student a better way forward.

SHRUTI DEEPAK AWALE – B.E. MITCOE – placed in Michelin India Pvt. Ltd.

I am very glad to share a journey of engineering at MIT Pune. The faculty has been very supportive. the college environment not only helped me imbibing knowledge but also in developing my overall personality, Fuelling confidence in me. My dream ‘ONGC’ came true due to all of them. My sincere thanks to all the faculty members, mentors and everyone in MIT Family for their support.

Vaishnavi shivaji londhe – B.E. MIT,PUNE – placed in ONGC

I’m pursuing my bachelor’s degree under IT course from MITCOE. Recently I got placed in EQ technologic as Software Engineer. The company is focused on their client and helping them out in BI and MI domains with their in house produced products.
I’m Thankful to all my teachers and TPO staff for their help and support throughout these 4 years. They helped to grow my understanding of academia and the knowledge of computer science and software application.
In the endgame, it comes to a candidate for that I will say that start contributing to the community let it be whether documentation or a full-fledged project. Never leave algorithms behind and get a good hold basic of any languages before starting with any advance frameworks and your college is the right place for the resources for all this.

Mayur Pravin Galande – B.E. MITCOE – placed in EQ Technologic

During the course of my B.E., I encountered endless opportunities to grow as an individual and enhance my skills, helping me to participate in inter college events and programmes, while focusing on the academics. MIT has great faculties to provide the industry exposure required to face the corporate world.Here the atmosphere is full of motivation and innovation. These were the key reasons why I landed up with a placement in Michelin. The Placement Department of MIT has good connections with the industry leading to various opportunities of careers available to us. I’m grateful to this university for giving me a brilliant breakthrough for my career.

Abhishek Nangare – B.E. MITCOE – placed in Michelin

MIT has played a major role in helping me to achieve this feat. The valuable guidance provided by the faculty as well as the well structured academic courses have helped me gain much needed advantage over my peers from other colleges.
The facilities and infrastructure provided to the students in the college has good standards and the college constantly encourages us to work hard and give our best. I would like to thank the college and all my professors for all the support and help they have provided.

SUMIT MILIND CHAVAN – B.E. MITCOE – placed in EQ Technologic,Pune

The Department of Petroleum Engineering is very supportive when it comes to projects, industrial visits and networking opportunities. The Society of Petroleum Engineers Student Chapter (MIT SPE Student Chapter) is the second oldest in India and facilitates high quality industry interaction, especially during MIT SPE AIIIP.

Vignesh Iyer – B.E. MIT,PUNE – placed in ExxonMobil

I thank MIT & all the faculty here for putting in all the efforts to groom us and make us corporate professionals. It was a wonderful experience at MIT.

Abhilash Tayade – B.E. MIT,PUNE – placed in Amadeus Labs

It has been a memorable and wonderful journey at MIT, Pune right from the first year. Countless hours invested in the course have finally bore fruit, all thanks to the extremely supportive, experienced and knowledgeable staff, both teaching and non-teaching.

Soham Sanjay Kulkarni – B.E. MIT,PUNE – placed in Amadeus Software Labs

I’m thankful to MITWPU for giving me the opportunity to apply and approach company and guide me time-to-time.

Akanksha Ajay Gangawane – B.E. MITCOE – placed in Schlumberger

I am very much thankfull to MITWPU faculties for training and timely guiding me and also to Training and Placemnet office for providing great opportunities by conducting guidence and preparation sessions for interviews and inviting such huge number of companies to our campus.The knowledge I gained in these four years will be helpfull throughout my working experience.

Palak Agrawal – B.E. MITCOE – placed in eQ Technologic

MITCOE definitely has the best faculty members and they helped me a lot in getting placed in EQ. They were very supportive throughout the four years. A number of extra-curricular activities which take place in college every year is something to look forward to. It enhances the qualities that you need when you get into corporate world. I am thankful to the staff of MITCOE for enhancing my qualities and making me capable of performing well in corporate world

Athang Kulkarni – B.E. MITCOE – placed in EQ Technologic

I joined MIT as an anamteur in every way but today I can humbly say that MIT has developed my technical and soft skills tremendously. I am proud to be the student of an institution which has the state of art technology, such a rich history,very efficient faculty, one of the best campuses in Pune and ample opportunities to explore and develop oneself. They assist and guide students in every possible way for placements by holding mock aptitude tests and talk sessions. I will forever be grateful to MIT for shaping my present and my future.

Rishabh Shah – B.E. MIT,PUNE – placed in Amadeus Software Labs