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Two specious Physics labs (A206 and B107) admeasuring 134 m2 and 67 m2 respectively encompassing all required equipment have been established. The laboratories hold 10 experimental setups, 10 demonstration setups, and 10 research setups. The students: apparatus ratio is 4:1 for almost all experiments. The wide-ranging equipment in the labs include travelling microscopes, spectrometers, telescopes , polarizers, signal generators, oscilloscopes, He-Ne lasers, solar cells, Hall effect set up, multi-meters, sound level meters, lux-meters, digital thermometers, diffraction, gratings, prisms, lenses, circuit boards for diodes, transistors, photodiodes, solar cells, Oven, TGA, viscometry set up, ultrasonic interferometer, constant temperature baths, and a notable number of PCs with required software. Computers with required software and internet connections are coupled to all experimental setups. This helps students analyzing the data graphically as well as digitally. PCs with internet connections are also being used for virtual lab experiments. The lab aspires to assign computer interface to the existing experimental setups. All this supports the students to learn Physics experiments with excitement and enjoyment. The facilities in the lab are frequently used for B. Tech. projects and also for multidisciplinary research.


Classroom 1
Classroom 2

Research @ School of Physics

Research @ School of Physics primarily focuses on radiation processing of polymers and composites, synthesis, characterization and applications of metal and semiconductor functional nanoparticles, polymer nanocomposites for photocatalytic, photoluminescence, biological, sensors, storage and conversion applications

Research Facilities available

1. UV source
2. Abbe Refractometer
3. LCR Q meter
4. Four probe resistivity set up
5. Viscometry set up
6. Ultrasonic interferometer
7. TGA facility (under development)
8. Magnetic Stirrers, Weighing Balance (0.1 mg) and Oven
9. UV Visible Spectrometer
10. FTIR Spectrometer