School of Physics

Industry Collaboration

Prospects and Career Opportunities

  • Students acquiring a degree of M.Sc. Physics ( Photonics) will have their career equally poised between Physics as well as Photonics
  • The Physics oriented degree holders can access all those opportunities which are available to M.Sc. Physics post-graduates. Physics being a profoundly interdisciplinary subject, these graduates can have their research careers in plenty of research oriented disciplines ranging from energy to defense, medicine to space, and astronomy to nanotechnology or material science to theoretical physics etc. They can do research at doctorate, post-doctorate level and then a self-sustained career in teaching and/or research. Such students can also have their careers in R & D departments of Physics based industries (lasers or solar photovoltaics for example)
  • These students can have equally good career in Photonics. They can serve industries in the sectors of Lasers, Fiber Optics, Lighting, Display Technologies, Photonic Devices, Photonic Sensors, and Optical Engineering. The nature of jobs available in the field of Photonics are as follows


– Junior Research Fellow (JRF)
– Senior Research Fellow (SRF)
– Research Associate (RA)
– R & D Departments of Photonics Industries


– Photonics Devices and Systems
– Photonics Software
– Photonics Design and development
– Quality control
– Sales Marketing, Business

Research and Academics

– Assistant Professor
– Associate Professor
– Professor


– Photonics Technician


– Photonics start ups
– Photonics Entrepreneurs

Potential Recruiters

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