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Faculty of Sustainability Studies

Ph.D Program Faculty of Sustainability Studies

Program Overview

Completing a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) indicates your admission to the community of scholars in your area of domain knowledge and requires the completion of a thesis of 80,000-100,000 words on a specialised topic of your choice. The PhD candidates are also expected to complete course work in research methods and theories. As per the guidelines of the UGC, the faculty of Sustainability Studies will be offering a PhD programme.

Conducting research and providing research training is a core activity of the University. The Faculty of Sustainability Studies is a trans-disciplinary programme. Under the faculty, there are five schools and a centre

  • School of Sustainable Development

  • School of Public Health

  • School of Ecology and Environmental Management and

  • Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies

The schools and the centre provides a broad spectrum of intellectual traditions students could choose from

The Faculty is committed to providing comprehensive support to the scholars to make them a more effective researcher. We endower to help the students to develop the expertise and skill needed to make an impact in academia, industry, government and the community.

Many prospective PhD students already have a specific research question in mind, or might be thinking about an area of study than a specific research question. Whichever stage you are in your research preparation, we will help you to find the right PhD programme for you.

As a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Sustainability Studies, the students will become part of a community, which includes students, research guides from various schools, researchers and external collaborators, whom all work together to improve facilities, locate available funding and improve the postgraduate research experience for the students

We also offer some limited financial support for the students, for conference attendance, and access to teaching assistance ship

The MIT-WPU has expanded access to some of the latest literature and books on Social Sciences, Public Health, Ecology, agribusiness and peace studies.

The Faculty is committed to enhance your experience as a PhD research student, to generate internationally leading research; to guide PhD students towards a successful future career, whether inside or outside of academia.

The Faculty of Sustainability Studies is a collaboration between five schools of various disciplines. The staff is dedicated to providing the best possible student experience for a PhD student.

The Key research themes of emphasis of the Faculty

    • Sustainable Development

    • Social Policy

    • Public Health

    • Peace and conflict studies

    • Social Sciences

    • Disaster Management

    • Sustainable Ecology

    • Biogeography

    • Diversity & Distribution

    • Urban Ecology

    • Biodiversity Informatics

    • Conservation and restoration

  • Interrelationships of environment and communities

  • Green buildings

  • Audits and EMS,

  • Innovation and sustainability

  • Odonatology

  • Ornithology

  • Socio-ecology

  • sustainable livelihoods

  • Natural resource governance

  • Environmental policy and law

  • Human-nature interactions

The PhD students of the faculty are particularly encouraged to publish at the international reputed journals.

Visit faculty of sustainability studies website for details,

Ph.D. Admission related queries, contact :

Dr Joe Thomas
PhD Coordinator
Faculty of Sustainability Studies