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Program Overview

MIT-WPU believes that Research is an essential part of higher education system and is critical to societal development. It generates knowledge, provides useful information, and helps decision-making, among others.

In view of the long tradition of academic excellence at MIT WPU, it offers, under the guidelines prescribed by the University Grants Commission, the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) under the Faculty of Science. The following schools are having excellent research facilities and expertise available to guide the research scholars.

  • School of Computer Science

  • School of Biology

  • School of Chemistry

  • School of Physics

  • School of Mathematics & Statistics

The PhD program at different schools under Faculty of Science are designed to introduce a wide range of world-class research in the areas like Radiation Processing of Polymers and Composites, Structure Property Relations of Irradiated and Iodine Doped Polymers,Use of Irradiated and Iodine Doped Polymers in batteries, fuel cells, and super-capacitors viscoelastic, ultrasonic and Refractometric analysis of polymer solutions, Synthetic and Polymer Chemistry, Nano-materials, Conducting Polymers, Natural Product Chemistry,Polymer Chemistry,Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, Wastewater treatment methods, Topology or Clinical Trials, Research Methodology, Graph Theory, Matroid Theory, Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematics, Lattice Theory, Bayesian Inference, Quantile regression, Statistical genetics, Survival analysis, Fractional Partial Differential Equations, Biochemistry, Biotechnology (including Nano-biotechnology), Epigenetics, Biophysics, Digital Image Processing, Natural Language Processing,Signal Processing/ Speech recognition,Medical Image processing,Data Mining and warehousing, Computer Networks,Design and analysis of algorithm,Software Engineering , Biotechnology, Nano-biotechnology, biological engineering and complexity biology with interdisciplinary and translational approach.

We intend to equip students with exceptional skills for their future career. The first six months incorporate common courses and building scientific aptitude to optimize research output and encourage interdisciplinary research. We motivate and support research scholars for pursuing innovative and entrepreneurial ideas in the chosen topic of research. The PhD program at various schools supports the building of researcher networks, development and successful execution of PhD project plans, and acquisition of a broad base of knowledge and expertise.

Faculties at School of Computer Science are have good number of publications in peer reviewed journal. They are working in the areas like Digital Image Processing, Natural Language Processing ,Signal Processing, Speech recognition, Medical Image processing, Data Mining and warehousing, Computer Networks, Design and analysis of algorithm, Software Engineering etc.

School has well equipped laboratory namely Amdocs innovation laboratory, NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing laboratory, IBM Center of Excellence etc.

Faculty at School of Biology has strong research background in the areas of Nano-biotechnology, biosensors, biological engineering, complexity biology and epigenetics. Faculty at School have worked and made substantial contributions at premier research and academic institutions in India, US, UK and Singapore. Faculty have successfully developed translational research in the areas of diagnostics, biosensors, nutraceuticals and complexity biology. They have strong publication record with research publications in reputed journals from Nature Publishing Group, Wiley, Elsevier, Springer, IOP, Cambridge University Press, IAS, etc. We have strong research collaborations and tie-ups with premier research institutions in India and outside India. Faculty have received research grants from government funding agencies, Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Department of Science and Technology (DST), DRDO, ICMR etc.

Faculty at School of Chemistry has strong research background in the different areas namely in Polymer Chemistry,Material Science,Natural Product Chemistry,Homogeneous & Heterogeneous catalysis,waste water treatments etc.Published & presented papers in international journals& conferences.They have completed research projects under BCUD,SPPU.School has good infrastructure with well-equipped laboratory to carry out research work.

Laboratory equipped with a different instruments like UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, pH meter, Sonicator, Centrifugal machine, Heating mantle, Hydrothermal reactor (200 ml), Electric Oven, Muffle furnace, Conductivity meter, BOD Incubator, COD Digester etc.

Faculty at School of Physics has maximum faculty having PhD with good publications in peer reviewed journals. School has well equipped laboratory as UV Source for irradiation oven, Stirrers, Weighing Balance 1 mg and 0.1 mg,LCR-Q meter,Four probe resistivity measurement, Hall effect apparatus, Abbe refractometer, Dilute solution viscosity (molecular weight) measurement system,Ultrasonic interferometer,Constant temperature baths,Distilled water unit,TGA system (under construction),FTIR spectrometer,UV Visible spectrometer etc.

School of Physics has collaboration with Department of Physics, SPPU, Pune & National Chemical Laboratory, Pune. One of faculty has 3 patents of his credentials.

Faculty at School of Mathematics & Statistics has good number of publicationsin in reputed international journals. The area of research are Topology, Clinical Trials, Research Methodology, Graph Theory, Matroid Theory, Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematics, Lattice Theory, Bayesian Inference, Quantile regression, Statistical genetics etc.

Ph.D. Admission related queries, contact :

Dr. Kiran Kokate
PhD coordinator
Faculty of Science