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Ph.D Program in School of Education

Program Overview

The MIT-WPU School of Education was established in 2007 and has already gained a reputation for excellence and the quality of the educators it produces. Teaching as a profession has undergone massive change in the last few years. A well-defined teacher training program is essential to keep up with the pace of changes in pedagogy.

The PhD in Education is a futuristic initiative of the School. The objective of a PhD in Education is to prepare future educational researchers, policy makers, and educators. The program is a blend of theory and research application. The PhD program will enable the students to develop research as well as generic skills and will equip them to work successfully as professional researchers.

Pursuing a PhD at MITWPU will help to improve your analytical abilities to understand, formulate and provide solutions to problems. It will also make you a better communicator and will imbibe research skills that will lead to a better professional career.

Salient Features

  • Qualified and experienced faculty

  • Personalized guidance to the candidates

  • Introduction to new ideas and approaches in educational research

  • Practice reflection among faculty and students alike for collaborative research

  • Good library with access to extensive online resources for research

  • Support for participation in national and international conferences


Research areas offered in Faculty of Education are – Pedagogy of teaching. Educational Psychology, Education Management, Educational Sociology, Teacher Education, After completing PhD in Education, the student will have a variety of job and career options, such as:

  • Research and Development Agencies

  • Private/government schools and Colleges

  • Private/government Teacher Education Colleges

  • Educational Consultancies

  • Publishing Houses

  • Education Departments/Ministries of State and Central Governments.

Educational Sectors

The focus will be on societal or educational issues related to various educational sectors, formulate research problem and follow evidence based research approach. The different educational sectors such as:

  • Elementary and Secondary Education

  • Special Education Services

  • Higher Education

  • Vocational Education

  • Learning Centers

  • Education industry including Education Consultants

  • Education Policy Specialists

  • Technology Services.

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PhD Admission related queries, contact :

Dr. Archana Choudhari
PhD coordinator
Faculty of Education