School of Petroleum Engineering



Reservoir Characterization Lab (E 202) :

Equipment available : Core Flooding Apparatus, Electrical Properties of Core, Darcy’s Law Apparatus, Core Drilling Setup, Gas Permeameter, Helium Porosimeter, Dean-Stark Apparatus, Fluoroscope, Calcimeter

About Lab :The reservoir characterization lab at the department of petroleum engineering is equipped with all the necessary equipment that will give students practical exposure to reservoir engineering concepts and help them understand the subject even better. Students will get hand on experience with sophisticated equipment such as core flood apparatus or electrical properties of core that’ll help them, challenge their theoretical knowledge of the subject and will encourage students to apply it to practical problems.
The core flood apparatus is used to find out relative permeability of the core sample, saturation, and candidacy of the reservoir for secondary or tertiary recovery. The electrical properties equipment is used to evaluate properties such as formation resistivity, porosity, resistivity-saturation relationship etc. Equipment such as helium porosimeter or gas permeameter is useful in finding out basic reservoir rock properties such as porosity, permeability etc.

Topics covered : Rock and fluid properties, flow through porous media, Darcy’s Law

Petroleum Geology Lab (E 204) :

Equipment available : More than 1000 samples of minerals and rocks, Nikon Optiphot 2 Research Microscope, Leica DM2700 P Pol Research Microscope with Application Suite software, Rock Core cutting assembly (40 and 25mm dia with 100 mm length core), LOGITECH thin section preparation machine.

About Lab :Petroleum geology deals with an integrated learning approach involving concepts from specific set of geological disciplines that are applied to the study of origin, occurrence, movement, accumulation, and exploration of hydrocarbons. The geological information is always critical to the efficient management of hydrocarbons. Petroleum geology also plays an important role in oil and gas production as a discipline that generates important data throughout the lifespan of hydrocarbon assets.

Topics covered : Petroleum Geology I and II, Petroleum Formation Evaluation, Petroleum Exploration, Petroleum Economics.

Petroleum Production Engineering Lab (E 307) :

Equipment available : Sucker Rod Pump (prototype), Cyclone separator, Gas Chromatograph, Electrical Submersible Pump (prototype)

About Lab :A production Engineering lab has been established with the latest technologies. The Sucker Rod Pump (SRP) prototype in the lab is often used to demonstrate working principle of the SRPs. The Hydrocyclone Separator is also kept in the lab for demonstration purpose. Gas Chromatograph is also a part of the lab which can be used to distinguish between gas components. The working model of Electrical Submersible pump is the highlight of the laboratory. Undergraduate and post graduate students of the department use this lab for academic and research purpose.

Topics covered : Petroleum Production Engineering, Artificial Lift Systems, Flow through pipes, Inflow Performance Relationship, Well Deliverability

Well Engineering Lab (E 104) :

Equipment available : Atmospheric Cement Consistometer, Fann Viscometer, 3-D Printer, Working Rig Model, Drilling Bits, Packers, Centralizers

About Lab :The well engineering lab at the department of petroleum engineering is designed to give students practical exposure to drilling engineering concepts. The lab has working model of an oil well drilling rig which is designed and fabricated in the department by the students of the department. The model has circulation system, rotary system, hoisting system and BOP stack, most of which have been designed using AutoCAD and developed using 3-D Printer. The lab is also equipped with drilling bits, drill collars, packers, centralizers donated generously by Cairn India Ltd.

Topics covered : Drilling Engineering, Subsea Engineering


Simulation and Modeling Lab (E 306) :

Software available : CMG, Halliburton Landmark, Kappa, Emerson Roxar, IHS Suits, MATLAB, OpenDtect

About Lab :Petroleum engineering department of MITWPU is equipped with edge cutting technology, software suits. The Simulation lab comprises more than $250,000,000 worth of software. Our Simulation lab contains many licensed suits which helps student understanding the domain from appraisal to decommissioning phase. Practical are performed using CMG, Ecrin, Landmark software. This software covers almost every aspect of oil and gas field development.
Students are offered excellent exposure and hands on experience, on various professional software packages used in Petroleum Industry. Applications of these software packages and excel based exercises are included in laboratory courses. Students use suits like Matlab, IHS Fekete, IPM etc for their mini and final year projects.

Topics covered : Reservoir Simulation, Production Forecast, Flow Assurance, Static and Dynamic Reservoir Modeling, Well Testing, Well Design

Software Licenses

Petroleum Experts has donated IPM suit software program to the petroleum engineering department. The full value of donated software is £1,483,741.60. This software model integrates oil or gas production system including reservoir, wells and the surface network.

Sr.No. Software Suit Number of Licenses Software Name
1. IMEX Three-Phase Black Oil Simulator 30 Computer Management Group, Canada
STARS Advanced Processes & Thermal Simulator 15
Win Prop Phase Behaviour Package 30
Builder Pre-Processor System, Graphics & Interfacing 30
Results Post-Processor System, Graphics & Interfacing – 30 licenses 30
2 Complete Halliburton Suit including Nexus, Aries, VIP, Compass, WellCat, 3 Each Halliburton Landmark, USA
3 RMS, Tempest 3 Each Emerson- Roxar, Norway
4 Saphir, Pressure Transient Analysis 25 Kappa Engineering, USA
Topaze, Production Analysis 25
Emeralde Production Logging 25
5 GAP, PROPSER, MBAL, PVTP, REVEAL and RESOLVE 10 Each Petroleum Experts Limited, UK
6 Aspen Plus 150 Aspen USA
8 Pressure Transient Analysis, Wellbore Optimization, Production Decline Analysis, CBM Reservoir Analysis and Gas Gathering System Analysis. 25 (FEKETE, USA) Now IHS,USA
9 Seismic analysis Freeware OPENPDECT
11 Geo Media Professional 1 Intergraph, USA