School of Petroleum Engineering

If you are planning to pursue your career in the demanding field of Energy, then the first step is to have a great qualification in that field under your belt. Although the energy segment needs engineers from all disciplines, qualified Petroleum engineers are in the highest demand.

By choosing this career path, one clear advantage is the remuneration earned by petroleum engineers. Petroleum engineers are one of the highest payed engineers in the world due to their specialized nature and demand within the industry.
The job of petroleum engineers is to assess the costs and feasibility of offshore as well as onshore projects and then to apply the most viable techniques for oil extraction. MIT-WPU School of Petroleum Engineering offers the best Petroleum engineering program to keep you ahead by providing you with the most specialized program focused on the current needs of the industry. Almost all top multinational and national corporations in oil and gas domain visit us for placements as well as industry collaborations. MIT-WPU School of Petroleum engineering brings with itself a legacy of almost 4 decades and is one of the very few schools offering Undergraduate and Post-Graduate programs in Petroleum Engineering.

Prof.(Dr.) S. J. Naik

Professor and Head

Meet the HOD

Dear students, parents and our colleagues from the industry, Very warm greetings to you all, and welcome to the World of Petroleum!

Petroleum Engineering


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Petroleum Engineering


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