MIT-WPU Team Acceleracers Create an Impact in Supra SAE 2019 competition & FSEV Concept Challenge

MIT-WPU congratulates Team Acceleracers to secure second place overall in the competition and were ranked third in Marketing presentation at the Supra SAE 2019 competition. The team also broke the National Record in the Autocross event of Supra 2019 by securing the 1st rank.

Supra SAE is a national engineering design competition held by the Society of Automotive Engineers India. This team is known for its commitment, subject matter expertise, excellent supporting infrastructure, attention to detail and competitiveness, which makes them one of the best racing teams in India today. They also won the prestigious Design Innovation Award for advancements in Rear Suspension, electronic shifter, carbon fibre air intake among other innovations. Acceleracers have also won driver of the year in formula Bharat 2019. In July 2020, they were ranked overall 2nd in Pune, at the FSEV 04 Concept challenge online competition. MIT-WPU is proud of their achievements.