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Scholarship based on performance in Sports :

Any student who wins a medal at national or international level, while representing MIT-WPU or playing for any govt sponsored or private sports club; in any nationally / internationally recognised sporting event; in individual or team event; would be eligible for following scholarship; only in the year he / she wins the medal.

Separate concessions (in Rupees) in tuition fees will be applicable as follows depending upon type of Event / levels of competition and medals earned

All India Inter-University Level

State Inter-University Level (West Zone)

Scholarships during subsequent years (Second year after entry onwards) for all UG programmes will be based on the merit of the previous years as follows,

‘Two’ top rankers from each division*(A ‘Division’ constitutes of admitted student strength of 60 or more) would be eligible for scholarship. The first topper would be eligible for 50% and the second would be eligible for 25% scholarship.

For B. Des, as there are only 30 students in each branch, therefore only one topper student per branch will be eligible for 50% scholarship.

Scholarship for Children of Faculty / Staff :

All the students who are wards (children) of faculty / staff of MIT- WPU are offered scholarship on tuition fees, provided that;

  • The faculty / staff is in continuous employment of any institute / college under MAEER for last 3 years.
  • This scholarship is valid only till the faculty / staff continues to be an employee of MIT-WPU or an institute / college under MAEER.
  • If the faculty / staff leaves the employment (removed / retrenched / resigned / discontinued) the amount of scholarship for that year is to be paid back by the student.
  • For claiming this scholarship the student must obtain minimum 60% marks, as applicable, in the qualifying examination.
  • The amount of scholarship is based on the gross salary of the employee. The scholarship as a percentage of Tuition fees is given below.
  • The scholarship would be applicable for the entire duration of the programme admitted- in.

**$ The student should get selected and admitted through MIT-WPU admission scrutiny process Provided that The student must progress in the next level without any break / backlog / failure.

  • Any student who completes graduation from institute / college under MAEER and takes admission for PG, would be given scholarship of 10% of tuition fees provided he / she score minimum of 60% marks in the qualifying examination.
  • For students for Jammu and Kashmir the fee concession will provided according to the PMSSS (Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme) updated from time to time.
  • Wards of personnel working in Armed forces or retired from armed forces be given scholarship of 25% of tuition fees.
  • Students with disability of > or = 40% will be given scholarship up to 40% of Tuition fees depending upon disability and it must be certified by a medical authority specified by the government. (For disability certificate format, please refer Appendix ‘A’). UGC has approved 3% reservation in admission for differently abled students.

No two scholarships would be given concurrently except the scholarship for the children of faculty / staff. In any case; if the total amount of scholarship for any student exceeds 50% of tuition fees; then the second scholarship for children of faculty / staff will not be applicable concurrently.

In case of a tie between two or more students; either at the intake level or at any stage / level further; it will be resolved as given below;

  • In case of tie at a level, after completion of 2nd year onwards, their marks / grades / CGPA of respective previous year(s) results would be referred to decide the eligibility.
  • In case of tie at the entry level, their CET/JEE scores would be referred. In case of tie in those scores also, then their respective HSC level scores would be referred.
  • In case of a rare situation of tie in all positions, the economic background of the student would be considered for selection for scholarship. The student of weaker background would be awarded the scholarship
  • Any student receiving higher scholarship at entry level (more than 50%) if continues to excel in the second year or even further, would continue with his / her higher (entry level) scholarship for those years also.
  • Explanation: If a student gets 100% scholarship at the entry level and stands first while going into second year or further, he / she would continue with 100% scholarship till he / she maintains the rank).
  • The scholarship application scrutiny procedure is attached as Appendix “B”.
  • The scholarship application form is attached as Appendix “C”.
  • A certificate of employment from the concerned Dean / HoD or HR dept is attached as Appendix “D”..
  • This policy supersedes all previous policies on scholarship.