Report on performance of “Team Acceleracers”, MIT-WPU’s Formula Team at Silverstone U.K., July 2018.

“Team ACCELERACERS” an official team from MIT-WPU, participated in Formula Student U.K. competition 2018 at Silverstone Circuit, U.K.

Formula Student (FS) is the world’s largest student engineering design competition. It is organized by Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). FSUK attracts entries from around the world, including USA, Australia, India, Canada and the Far East, as well as a wealth of European teams. Entrants will compete to design, build and race a formula racing car – providing undergraduates with invaluable experience as they begin their engineering career.

Total 32 students from MIT WPU participated in the event. Out of which this time we included 11 students from F.Y. B Tech Course of MIT WPU so as to give them international exposure right in the beginning. The event was organized from 13th to 15th July 2018.

It was lead be Captain Aditya Shah (B.E. Mehanical Sandwich). They Designed and Build a formula style race car with immense effort throughout the year. The car is tested for Static and Dynamic events and the site.

 Static Event includes

  • Tech inspection
  •  Weight
  • Tilt Test
  • Business
  • Design
  • Cost

 Dynamic Events include:

  •  Acceleration
  • Efficiency
  • Endurance
  • Skidpad
  • Autocross/Sprint
Sr. No. Category Position acquired Out of teams
1 Overall 19 81
2 Fuel Efficiency 10 25
3 Cost 12 81
4 Presentation 18 72
5 Endurance 20 27
6 Skid Pad 24 32
7 Acceleration 28 35
8 Sprint/Autocross 29 96
9 Design 35 65

With this success, we have gained confidence that we can build cars of international standards which can survive the endurance. Institution has supported the team with Rs. 8.5 Lac for making the car and we are thankful to the continuous support we received from of all Trustees, Directors, Deans, Principals and Teachers for this event.


Faculty Advisor for the Team,

18th July 2018


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