TEXEPHYR: Opening Ceremony

It was a very welcome overcast sky which carried with it a refreshing coolness that has been missing in Pune’s weather for the past few days. Dr Kshirsagar and Dr Joshi looked relaxed and amiable as they asked the volunteers and Organizers about Texephyr and how their journey has been so far. People smiled, some laughed and more often than not they gave their honest answers and opinions to the questions posed to them by our lovely professors. Dr Joshi extolled us all to work as hard (or even harder) in the event that will happen again next year, thereby implicitly giving us his blessing for the event this year! He spoke about how proud he was of the students and how this event was a lovely platform for all students, irrespective of the Colleges they belonged to to showcase their talents in the spirit of friendship and camaraderie. Dr Kshirsagar seemed to agree and was found telling people how proud he was of his students and the effort they put into this event. Finally, Dr. Joshi cut the ribbon to gentle applause and many smiles. No one could ask for a better opening ceremony for anything. Truly the ‘Shree Ganesha” we all wish graces the start of any event!

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