In India the role of the teacher (Guru) is a highly revered one which has percolated into the very fabric of our culture. There is a dedicated festival called ‘Guru Purnima’ which celebrates the unique bond between students and their teachers.

Keeping this in mind MIT-WPU is proud to present the Teacher’s Day Celebration event held with the Sami Vivekananda auditorium to celebrate teacher’s and their impact on the lives of all the students! The event started at 1100 hrs with the World Peace prayer. Then Dr K L Kshirsagar gave the Welcome Address that started the event, after which the guests in the dais were all felicitated. Then the traditional lamp was lit to signify the dispelling of Darkness by the coming of the light.

Then Dr Sunil Rai (Vice-Chancellor MIT-ADT University) gave a speech elaborating upon the importance of this date along with what it signifies for teachers and students alike. He was followed by Dr I K Bhat (Vice- Chancellor MIT-WPU) who spoke about the special bond between students and teachers and finally it was the turn of Dr S S Darade (Dean MIT) to speak about Teacher’s day and its impact on the students. Then all who had gathered were treated to a screening of films on ‘Arya Chanakya’ who was the teacher of the Indian Emperor Chandragupta and on whose advice he managed to carve out the largest Indian Empire up until that point. It is now referred to as the Golden age of India.

Following the film on what was considered the ideal teacher in antiquity, MIT conferred the ‘Ideal Teacher award’ on 9 of their teachers who exemplified the selfless values and ethos of Chanakya himself. They were Prof Gautam Bapat (Assistant Professor, MIT SOM), Prof Shankar Gambhir (Assistant Professor MANET), Dr Kiran Kokate (Assistant Professor of Chemistry, MIT-WPU), Prof M R Mahajan (Assistant Professor, Placement Office, MIT-Polytechnic), Dr Anil Pawar (Head and Assistant Professor, Pharmacy, MIT-WPU), Prof Amol Mane (Head of Business Administration, International Business Department, Alandi), Prof Vinodkumar S Jadhav (Assistant Professor, E&TC MIT), Dr Deepti S Marathe (Associate Professor, Polymer Engineering, MIT-WPU) and Dr Suresh Kangane (Vice Principal, Orthodontics and Dentafacial Orthopedics, Dental College, Latur).

Then Prof Gautam Bapat, Prof Shankar Gambhire, Dr Deepti Marathe and Dr Suresh Kangane spoke about how they felt receiving the award and the common thread to them all was their humility and concern for their students. Prof Dr Mangesh T Karad then took to the podium and after congratulating the winners, stressed on how the top priority for all MAEER’s educational endeavors has been the fostering of a close knit community of students and teachers. He stressed that, that is the reason for MIT’s success as well. His words resonated with the entire audience. To emphasize his point and MIT’s commitment to teachers a ten-minute film on the National Teacher’s Congress was showcased. This conference is to be conducted shortly and we expect teachers from all across India to join. Prof Rahul Karad (Executive President, MIT-WPU) then took the stage and elaborated on the numerous initiatives taken by MIT-WPU to further bridge the student-teacher divide and to ensure a better cadre of teachers in each successive generation.

Dr P B Joshi (Trustee, MIT) spoke about his own views on how teachers are, in fact, surrogate parents for their students and it is this endearing bond which ensures success for the students later on in life. It was the turn of Prof Dr V D Karad (Founder, MIT) to take to the dais and speak about Teacher’s day. Being an eminent educationist and having started his illustrious career as a professor of Mechanical Engineering in COEP, Pune he had many wondrous insights about the bond shared between students and teachers. He elaborated on its strengths while giving advice on how to further strengthen that bond. His speech was very well received.

Finally, Grp Captain D P Apte (Registrat, MIT-WPU) gave the vote of thanks and a great anecdote before the singing of the Pasaydan and the National Anthem. Then there was a lovely group photo of the guests with all the participants and the joyous event concluded. Till next year!


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