Patent received on Water Purification Bottle by MIT-WPU Professor

Dec 05 2017, Pune– Dr Dinesh Bhutada, Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering at MIT World Peace University Pune received an Indian Patent for his research work on 3-layer water purification bottle. During travel or in remote places this bottle can be used to purify available water, it doesn’t need electricity for its operation. A piston is provided to create required pressure in bottle which pushes water through three layers viz. primary filtration, micro filtration, RO (Reverse Osmosis). Purified water is stored in lower part and can be used as and when required. This invention can minimize the use of plastics bottles commonly used, as water can be purified and stored in same bottle, which in term will protect environment and at the same time pure water will be available at minimal cost.

“The Triple filter water bottle purifies the water without using any electricity. It comes in-built with Primary, Micro and RO (Reverse Osmosis Process) filter mechanisms. This ensures that the water filters out all microbes, particulate, hair and other sediments. This process is facilitated using a piston rod, which is rotated manually.” explains Dr. Dinesh Bhutada.


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