National Study Tour to Hyderabad– The National Credit Programme of F.Y. B.B.A.- IB (Academic Year 2018-19)

The National credit Programme is one of the various best practices of the curriculum offered at FOM (UG) for the students of BBA-IB. This year, for the batch of 2018-19, the National Study Tour of FY BBA-IB was arranged to the city of Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana. The study tour was scheduled in two batches:

  • 1st batch from 21st October 2018 to 26th October 2018: total 137 students
  • 2nd batch from 24th October 2018 to 30th October 2018: total 138 students

The Planning and Preparation for the programme: The planning for this tour began a month before. Firstly, a meeting of the Class representatives and Ladies Representatives of all the three divisions was arranged, in which the students were briefed by Dr. Prasad Pathak about the manner in which overall planning and preparation needs to be done for the National Study Tour. The students were also briefed about the disciplinary norms they need to follow during the tour by Prof. Diksha Bedekar, Programme Head, BBA-IB. The lady faculty members of BBA-IB department, gave all the necessary instructions regarding the code of conduct to be observed by the girl students. A meticulous planning was done by the students under the leadership of Dr. Prasad Pathak.

DAY-1: Departure from Pune to Hyderabad

Day-2: @ Hyderabad and visit to SBI College of Consumer Banking (Batch I)

  • Address by Mr Ramdas Wadkar on ‘Indian Banking System’
  • Address by Prof. Mrs. Kaur on ‘International Banking’

Day-2: @ Hyderabad and visit to Indian Institute of Management and Commerce, Hyderabad (IIMC) (Batch II)

  • Address by Prof N Satyanarayana on ‘The Fundamentals of Indian Economy’
  • Address by Prof Krishna Kumar on ‘Developing Leadership Qualities’
  • Address by Prof Mr A. Patrick on ‘Start Ups and Entrepreneurship’

Day-3: Visit to Indian School of Business (ISB) All students reported in the reception at 7:00 AM and after breakfast, they all departed for Indian School of Business(ISB). Once students reached ISB, they were received by the admission staff who took them on a tour of the mammoth campus of ISB.

Day-4: Industry Visit to HBL Company and Milton Laboratory/ Centre for Entrepreneurship Development

Day-5: Ramoji Film City

Day-6: Return to Pune The students reached Pune by 8:00 AM and left for their homes with sweet memories. Learning Outcomes:

  • Academic Enlightenment
  • Hands-on-experience on meticulous planning
  • Team work
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Shouldering Responsibility
  • Accommodating ourselves with people with different background, culture and mind set
  • Co-ordination
  • Exploration of the glorious past of the Mother India

To conclude, the National Credit Programme helped students improve academically and also contributed in sharpening their personality.


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