When we were all tangled in the unbelievably difficult program codes, networking models, etc Upadhay ma’am suddenly broke the news of Management Exhibition to us and we were all exhilarated. Soon all of us pepped up, bifurcated ourselves into groups of 8-10 and started researching for topics. After a great deal of chaos, all the groups decided on to their topics and it was time to get rolling. So under the assistance of Dr. Upadhay ma’am and Dr. Pathak sir we started preparing our models, waiting in the college till late evenings or ending up at a friends place competing the project. It was one heck of a tedious job but nevertheless we had so much interacting with our faculty over our topics and working on it till satisfied and as said hard work always pays off! Finally when our models were ready, Dr. Pathak and Dr. Upadhay examined them and told us the necessary changes and improvisations to be done before they went on display in the exhibition.

After all the final touches, it was finally the day when models had to be displayed to all the delegates, judges and seniors. On 21st August 2018, Dr RM Chitnis was given a warm welcome to begin examination of the models displayed by all. It was so motivating to have our dean appreciate our work and see him feel proud. Later in the day we had our seniors, faculty from UG program, judges and other visitors examine our models. This was very helpful as we received a blend of good and bad feedbacks but all of them for our own betterment. The seniors told us about the glitches in our models and also the plus points and we sure worked on them.

We all learnt a lot from this model making work, it was not only the subject that we dig deep into but also the aspects like team building, resolving conflicts, time management, leadership and presentation skills. The exhibition lasted for two days and all the teachers, dean and the judges were very happy with the work we had done which was highly impossible without Dr. Upadhay and Dr. Pathak. They felt indeed proud and having made our gurus proud was our ultimate price and success and none of us really care about who wins the exhibition because if our teachers have those tears of happiness in their eyes then we have our awards right here in our hearts.


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