Site Visit Report

Subject: Design of Pre-stressed Concrete Structures (TY B.Tech)

Location: MAHA METRO Casting Yard, Pune

Faculty: Prof. Adinath D. Yadhav

The company (maha-metro) is a special purpose vehicle (SPV), a 50:50 jointly owned company of government of india and government of maharashtra.

The existing nagpur metro rail corporation limited (NMRCl) which would be reconstituted into maharashtra metro rail corporation limited (MAHA-METRO) for implementation of all metro projects including pune metro rail project phase-1 in the state of maharashtra outside mumbai metropolitan region for the smooth implementation, execution and operations.

What we did at site Visit

Information about Pune Metro

Initially entire concept of Pune Metro was is explained by Mr. Yogendra Chauhan sir. Since, Pune city is known in the world map because of its educational, research and development institutions, IT parks and automobiles industry in western Maharashtra, there is a need of advance public transportation in Pune City. After doing all kinds of surveys Metro plan is decided to implement.

We came to know the following advantages of Pune Metro

  • Requires 1/5th energy per passenger km compared to road-based system.
  • Causes no air pollution in the city.
  • Causes lesser noise level.
  • Occupies no road space, if underground and only about 2 metres width of the road, if elevated.
  • Carries same amount of traffic as 5 lanes of bus traffic or 12 lanes of private motor cars (either way), if it is a light capacity system.
  •  More reliable, comfortable and safer than the road-based system.
  • Reduces journey time by anything between 50% and 75% depending on road conditions.

5D BIM Used in Construction

  • 5D BIM, an acronym for 5-dimensional building information modeling, is a term used in the cad and construction industries, and refers to the intelligent linking of individual 3D cad components or assemblies with time schedule (4D BIM) constraints and then with cost-related information.
  • 5D = 3D + time schedule + cost
  • The creation of 5D models enables the various participants (from architects, designers, contractors to owners) of a construction project to visualize the progress of construction activities and its related costs over time. this BIM-centric project management technique has potential to improve management and delivery of projects of any size or complexity.

Different Features

  • Different funding agencies are involved in providing funding to the project
  • Main focus is Transit oriented development.
  • Best architectural firms from across the globe has been selected.
  • The stations will have distinctive architecture reflecting pune’s rich history and cultural heritage of Maratha rulers, forts, writers & poets.
  • The stations are being carefully designed to take care of universal access and needs of all sections of society not just the specially abled and also women, senior citizen and children etc.
  • Open spaces around the stations will be landscaped keeping in view the traditional green ethos of the city.
  • Multimodal Integration – First and last Mile Connectivity.
  • Many green Initiatives have been taken by MAHA Metro to make metro project more Eco-friendly.
  • Many stakeholders involved including Consultant, Contractor and Design Consultant.

Scope of Underground Section

The joint venture of gulermak (turkey) and tata projects limited (india) has been awarded two under ground contracts from maharashtra metro rail corporation . the consortium is responsible for design and construction of tunnels, stations , and ramp between agriculture college and swargate for underground work of package ugc-01 and ugc-02.

  • In this project, 5 underground stations will be constructed by cut & cover construction method and NATM method.
  • Two cross over tunnel will be constructed by NATM (new austrian tunnelling method)
  • Twin bored stabling tunnel at swargate will be constructed by NATM method.

Casting Yard

  • A casting yard is a very important place for tunnelling operations, where concrete segments are casted in a controlled environment and shifted to their stack yard after being cured for the specific period before shifting them to the working site once they gain their required strength.
  • In casting yard we have seen all the detailing including bar bending machine, Reinforcement cage formation, Steam curing, moulding, concreting, removing formwork, stacking of rings, Quality control lab, safety precautions, detailed drawings, etc, etc.

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