Induction Program is an initiative to groom the overall personality of students and make them acquainted with the culture of MIT WPU University. The 1st Induction Program for the students of S.Y. B.Tech (CSE) was held in Swami Vivekananda Auditorium, on 20th July 2018 at 1.30pm.

The aim of the program was to ensure that every student feels welcomed, connected and excited to embark on this new and important stage in their education. The idea was to make the students aware of prospective opportunities and to show them the path they have to adapt in order to become successful engineers.

Dr.Vrushali Kulkarni, Head, School of Computer Engineering and Technology, initiated the induction program with her enthusiastic session. She started her session with information about the glorious journey of 35 years of School of Computer Engineering and Technology, MIT WPU from the Departments of Computer Engineering, MIT and MITCOE. She made the students understand the basics of engineering and advised them to have an interdisciplinary approach while learning the courses. She emphasized on the importance of effective communication skills for engineers. She give the students a bird’s eye view about various dimensions of Engineering, career opportunities for Engineering students , so as to acquaint them with the systems and procedures of the School and University. She highlighted the rigorous efforts taken by Faculty members, Course Co-ordinators in designing school syllabi by taking regular inputs from industry members, BOS members etc.

She also informed the students about trimester pattern of University, Lab Continuous Assessment and Class Continuous Assessment along with credits assigned to each course. She made students aware of inclusion of the course “Environment Science” in trimester-I and its importance in curriculum. Details of the all the course teachers, class teachers and coordinators were provided by her.

Then, she encouraged the students to become smart learners by opting for different MOOC courses. MOOC courses have credits and they are included in curriculum to increase self-learning approach in students. Students were delighted by hearing that “National Tours” will be arranged for them in ensuing years. She discussed about the different MOUs which the School has signed with various renowned industries to fill the industry-academia gap. At the end, she motivated students by informing them about the different innovations, projects going on in the School, like “Chintu-Humanoid Robot” – a joint effort by MIT and IBM. She encouraged students by telling them about our proud Hackathon winners, winners of varied competitions, as well as different awards received from industries like TCS, Persistent etc. over the past years. Not only technical events but also extracurricular events like SUMMIT, Cultural Fest, Arohan, Purushottam (renowned play competition) have witnessed our students excel.

At last, student coordinators of different associations like ACM, CSI, MCUG and SUMMIT gave brief presentations about different technical events, seminars, cultural events, sports activities conducted by each group. Information of CSI and ACM was presented by Aditya Gutee and Brijesh Chaudhary. MCUG activities were highlighted by Shreya Lunkad and Ankansha Singhal. Sports event “SUMMIT” was covered by Rishabh Agarwal, Karan Galani and Manthan Admane. Cultural Activities information was delivered by Chakor Pandkar and Shruti Pantode. Team S.Y. B.Tech (CSE) expressed their gratitude to the Dean, Head, all teaching and nonteaching staff and all Student Representatives for their kind co-operation in making the Induction Program successful.


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