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  • 21 Nov 2018

MIT-WPU congratulates Dr R M Chitnis on becoming Provost

Dr Ravikumar Chitnis is now the provost for the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Media & Journalism, Faculty of Governance as well as the Faculty of Education. He had previously steered MIT-SOM college to great heights as its principal

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  • 20 Nov 2018

MIT-WPU is third winner of the Singapore-India Hackathon 2018.

Team Killer Kode from MIT College of Engineering, MIT World Peace University Campus Pune, comprising of Kunal Khadilkar, Akanksha Kale and Rahul Barhate were felicitated by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi....

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Acceleracers have done it again! Competing in the prestigious Formula Student UK held at Silverstone, England they have successfully completed the entire race. The tricolor flies proud at their accomplishments and we at MIT-WPU look forward to even greater ones from them.


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