Student Committees & Clubs

In MITSOT, a culture of student involvement & participation is encouraged in order to facilitate the conduction of Academics & Co-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to take an active role in all matters related to Placement, Event Management, Technical Support, and in arranging Value Adding sessions related to Academic Delivery. The various Student Committees formed work under the guidelines of the Class Teacher, Head Academics & the Top Management, and aid in establishing a professional work culture. These are as under :

Academic Committee >>

This Committee is responsible for keeping track of the progress of the Academic Programs, meeting of Course Objectives, and in providing constructive Feedback & Review on the Content Delivery. The Committee members participate in the identification of relevant subject matters / current issues which can add value in the in-depth understanding any theoretical course and provide inputs for the arrangement of Guest Lectures, Panel Discussions, and Seminars etc. They also play a coordinating role in the adherence to the Syndicate wise Timetable pertaining to Tutorials & Library / Collaborative Learning Sessions.

Placement Committee >>

This Committee coordinates with the Industry Experts, Top Management, HR Departments of various Corporate & related agencies to arrange for Industry Interface programs and Placement activities. The Committee members participate in the building of Student Portfolios, promotional literature and arrange for scheduling & coordinating Interviews / Recruitment Drives by Corporate.

Event Management Committee >>

This Committee is responsible for the smooth conduction of various Events organized in MITSOT throughout any academic year. The Committee members participate in the Planning, Budgeting, Organizing, Compeering, Conduction, Review & Reporting of various Events such as Seminars, Guest Lectures, Conferences, Cultural & Sporting activities.

Web & Tech Committee >>

This Committee is responsible for providing technical support in the conduction of various Events in general and the conduction of Academic Sessions in particular. The Committee members participate in the arrangement of Projection facilities, Computer & peripherals, Smart Boards, Sound Amplifiers & Speakers, Video Recording & Photography etc. They also play a role in the maintenance of websites & upload of content on a regular basis.