MIT-WPU School of Technology Management

FAQ’s : Telecom Systems & Lighting Energy Management

What is the Scope of Telecom Management Course?

Telecommunications is no longer limited to the transmission of voices over copper wire. The modern telecommunications professional must be well-versed in a variety of wired and wireless technologies, armed with substantial knowledge of current management practices, and fully informed on the current state of convergence in telephony, computer systems, global positioning systems, and the Internet. The MITSOT’s program has been designed for the experienced telecommunication technical professional, the seasoned manager and fresh graduates with relatively little experience in the telecom industry. The program offers a systematic approach to understanding the globalization of information technologies and the convergence of electronic media and telecommunications with the Internet by including history, technology, policy, economics, industrial structures, and e-commerce issues in the curriculum.

Is this program affiliated to any University / Board?

MITSOT got approval from the AICTE, the apex body for approving technical courses in India for 2010-2012. Apart from this, MITSOT is focusing to make the joint collaborations with the leading giants and global players in the telecom systems management & information technology management like MOTROLA, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, etc.

What are the Job Opportunities after completion of the Course?

The Placement and Training Cell of MIT is active in attracting the Industry to the Institute. The placement setup in the institute has been one of the best in comparison with many colleges in India with an excellent infrastructure. The placement cell helps you in the process of deciding on your next moves after you have completed your present course or research. It also helps you on how to get a clearer view of what you can offer in a job, what you want from a job, and how to make a rational choice about options on which to focus. All major companies located in Mumbai-Pune Metroplex and other parts of India regularly conduct campus recruitments in MIT Campus.

What is the commencement date of the Course?

The Course commences on 1st week of July.

Will Scholarships / Fellowships be awarded?

Yes, Performance based Scholarships / Fellowships will be awarded to deserving candidates.

What about Industry Tie-ups of MITSOT?

MITSOT is focusing to make joint collaborations with the leading giants & global players in the Telecom Systems Management & Information Technology Management like Microsoft, Intel, IBM, CISCO, Infosys, Wipro, TCS etc.

What is ICT?

We can define ICT in three parts: Information technology Telecommunication / mobile (It includes telephone, radio, TV, etc. ) Network Technology (It includes internet, mobile, satellite transmission, etc.) When we combine all the three parts together it will be named as ICT, from this we can map employment opportunities

How India has developed in ICT?

From last two decades, there are huge investments done in ICT industry. This has resulted in a very fruitful manner & has increased their standard of living with the support of better technology, low manufacturing cost, low operation cost & service at cheapest, automatic report delivery management, etc. many companies have set their mark, it includes BPO’s , KPO’s, Call center, telemedicine, & legal transcription, e-governance, entertainment, tourism, aviation, agricultural services, can also be included in this list. Indian technical crowd is already well known in world, on that basis we have climbed many heights India itself has developed in ICT & many opportunities will be raised.

What is the policy of Indian private players about ICT?

BSNL a govt. entity has initiated communication network in India. After changes in Investment policy by govt. of India telecommunication sector has opened for foreign players which resulted in a revolution in the industry & has increased the chances of employment. Reliance, Bharti Telecom these are major players in Indian industry, along with these Aircel, Spice, Tata Teleservices, Idea, etc. has also established themselves very well. Reliance stepped forward & laid the optic fiber cable around 68,000 KM all across India & Bharti has setup same structure under the sea. Very soon 3G technology based communication services will be starting.

How ICT could help for rural development?

As far as rural sector concern we need to keep farmer at center place & their needs. The major points to be kept in mind are as: Information about market place Agricultural products & facilities for their transportation. Demand pattern or fluctuations in price Warehousing capacity Loan facilities Irrigation and its policy made by government. Seed, fertilizers and their availability After understanding the needs for rural development they can startup with new project with a proper management.

Is this course is comfortable / suitable for non- technical graduates?

MAAER’s MITSOT provides professional training for technical course in which emphasis is over management. In which training for SPSS, MCTM, CCNA, OWDP, etc. is given. In this course, from basic to certification modules are covered.

Who are the major recruiters in MITSOT?

Aircel, Airtel, Tata Teleservices, Vodafone, GTL, Reliance communication, PCS, Redington, Cube software, etc. these are the major recruiters at MITSOT