School of Management (UG)

Message from Dean

Message from Dean

Prof. Dr. Kalyan Swarup

MIT-WPU  School of Management (UG)

Welcome to the  School of Management (UG), MIT World Peace University!

We believe here at School of Management (UG) that the mission of management education is to influence practice and promote value based growth. Feedback from all the stakeholders, thinking, discussing and collecting thoughts and ideas helps us to remain relevant and form the basis of our BBA programs. We ensure analytical and integrative thinking through case studies, study tours, internships within India and abroad & field based projects. Special attention is given to sensitize the students to the problems of the rural population and the underprivileged section. Similarly, the development of strong professional values, work ethic, and mutual respect for diversity in society is consciously integrated into the curriculum.

We promote enhanced engagement with alumni, corporates and other stakeholders and involve them in our curriculum and syllabus development exercise. Our innovative choice based credit system provides students with interdisciplinary opportunities in order to develop their knowledge and skills beyond their prescribed curricula. All of this leads to developing our unique and distinctive path in management education. In the global business environment, challenges faced by organizations are of a dynamic nature. We very consciously provide adequate practical exposure to our students to develop their managerial skills crucial to working in networked multinational companies having a presence in many continents.

Our faculty is known for their dynamism, openness to learning, pedagogic innovation, teaching ability and updated knowledge of business through a variety of faculty development programs. They are passionate about their area of expertise and are committed to helping students to build the skills and knowledge they will require to be successful in their careers. Students are encouraged to engage with academics, including asking questions and generating debate during lectures. We give high importance to student-faculty interaction beyond classroom. All teaching staff at the university participate in student’s mentoring and have ‘open office hours’ each week where students can visit them to discuss assignments and course content.

The University campus has state-of-the-art educational facilities, with latest technology in classrooms, auditorium, labs, etc. and an advanced central library to facilitate effective learning. We believe in continuously improving and upgrading our facilities to keep pace with the rapid changes in the educational ecosystem.
We have the reputation of being a very friendly University and our campus is full of life and energy which creates a vibrant student atmosphere. There is a vast range of student-run clubs for you to join, ranging from academics and cultural clubs to sports and adventure. This way we ensure that you will never feel “away from home” during your stay with us.
Our students pass out with confidence to pursue their career successfully in their ‘dream Company’ or pursue higher education from leading Institutes and Universities so that when they enter the corporate arena, they are able to efficiently identify various issues and come out with the best possible solutions to tackle them through their multifaceted skill-sets. We have remained innovative in our approach throughout and a sizeable number of our alumni are doing extraordinary assignments in leading organizations. This is a testimony to our commitment and high standard of teachings.

Prof. Dr. Kalyan Swarup
Dean, School of Management (UG)