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Tourism and International Business

By Shabbir Patrawala, SY- BBA(IB), Faculty of Management (UG), MIT-WPU / 22 March 2019

What’s all this fuss about the Tourism Industry?

One of the most influential and revenue-generating industries of the 21st century, the tourism industry has more to offer than just a holiday. With increasing globalization and merging economies, this industry is projected to continue expanding significantly. This expansion will be such, that every economy is trying to connect their strategic development and economic goals with the appeal of a touristic hotspot. These touristic hotspots prove to be very valuable in the development of international trade and commerce, in many ways.

International Entrepreneurship

By Bakul.R.Jachak, SY- BBA(IB), Faculty of Management (UG), MIT-WPU

International business is becoming increasingly important to more and more entrepreneurs and to their country’s economy. International entrepreneurship- the conducting of business activities by an entrepreneur across national boundaries-is occurring much earlier in the growth of new ventures as opportunities open up in the hypercompetitive global arena.

International Marketing

By Viraj V. Chavan, SY- BBA(IB), Faculty of Management (UG), MIT-WPU / 22 March 2019

“Create with the customer and not just for the customer”

International Marketing or even domestic marketing is often related to being “customer-centric”. But most of the times, this means better aim with target campaigns. Customers of today’s era are not just customers; they are also creator and market drivers, right alongside with the marketers.