About Placements

One of the critical things about case methodology is that at the end of the day, we always work towards a solution –not what is going on here?
However, what are you going to do about it? MIT-SOB as an institute aims to groom students to be able to take up responsible positions in the corporate world. Towards this goal, in addition to academics, special grooming efforts are taken periodically to imbibe strong leadership qualities and to equip students with skill sets such as personality development, effective communication confidence building, handling of group discussion and interviews as well as corporate etiquettes and manners. MIT-SOB makes an all-out effort to ensure that maximum opportunities from best possible companies are made available to students. Selection of candidates is the prerogative of respective companies and educational institutions like MIT-SOB can neither exercise any say in the actual selection process conducted by respective companies, nor influence it in any manner in favour of any students.

Preparing them for the challenge

What is important and to be noted is that, being selected or placed through these opportunities is entirely the responsibility of individual student. We at MIT-SOB understand the current requirements and prepare our students with the necessary skills by crating the professional environment. Making them used to the latest technology, exposing them to new strategies and providing them with high-class training prepare them for the up-coming challenges. Students need to be updates with current affairs, practice themselves for the aptitude test and develop their individual abilities to communicate fluently and effectively. Such qualities cannot be passed on through classroom sessions but have to be acquired by students themselves. Opening will come by single-mindedly practice and preserve towards this goal.