School of Media & Journalism

Programs Offered

School of Media & Journalism

Programs Offered

Programs Offered


BA Journalism & Mass Communication

The School of Media and Journalism provides full-time thoroughly developed programme incorporating lively theoretical lectures, hands-on practical sessions, tutorials, classroom presentations and industry driven assignments. Furthermore, field trips, rural immersion programmes, national and international study tours and projects help to add to the depth of learning. Foundation, core, electives and unique courses related to world peace along with real life research projects, are part of the undergraduate programme curriculum. Adequate emphasis is laid upon co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
The school of media also aims to provide an overall view of the media industry and helps students to understand the dynamics of the industry. MIT-WPU provides the world’s most advanced and uniquely defined opportunity based professional education.









Program Objectives

  •   To develop professionals who are highly equipped with applied aspects of knowledge and skills to cater to the contemporary needs of media industry.

  •   To enable students to critically understand the multidimensional aspects of society and career prospects in media.


Developing 21st century professionals in the area of Media based on Social Responsibility and Ethical Approach to empower society globally

Program Highlights

  • Guests lectures by eminent artists

  •   Industry interface

  •   Participation in live media activities

  •   Practical hands-on training

  •   Opportunities for National and International exposure

Program Structure

Our program structure imbibes an interdisciplinary approach. The blending of current trends with the fundamental knowledge base in Mass Media is the basic objective. According to the structure and syllabi, the contents are categorized as:

  •   GE : General Electives

  •   DSE : Discipline Specific Electives

  •   SEC : Skill Enhancement Courses

  •   OEC : Open Elective Courses

Assessment :

Periodic written assessment and class continuous assessment will be used for better engagement of student and effective evaluation followed by end term examination.

MA Journalism & Mass Communication

Journalism & Mass Communications is an industry that is at the cornerstone of every Business, Institution or Entity. MA-JMC (Journalism and Mass Communication) prepares graduates from any discipline to learn and apply techniques of both traditional and digital media across industry segments.
The MA-JMC program incorporates advanced training in the field of journalism introducing students to fine aspects of Journalism across- Broadcast, Investigative, Photojournalism, Sports & Celebrity Journalism, Communication, Social & PR segments.









Program Highlights

  •    Guests lectures by eminent personalities in media

  • Formation of various clubs like photography, Films

  • Regular Field trips to Media houses

  • Attending Seminar, Conferences & Events

  • National Study Tour

Program Objectives

  •    Camera Training

  •    Editing Training

  •    Internships at TV Channels, Newspaper organizations

  •    Study Programs and Field visits

  •    News Room and Chroma Studio

  •    Training in Multi-camera setup

  •    Sound Recording Studio

  •    News Channel Simulation

Career Prospects

  •    News Papers and Magazines

  •    TV News channels

  •    Web Portals

  •    Radio Channels

  •    TV Production Houses

  •    ADVT Agencies

  •    Independent Film Makers

  •    Event Management Firms

  •    Corporates and Organizations

  •    Media Organizations

  •    NGO

  •    Media Planning Agencies

  •    Market Research Agencies

  •    PR Consultancies


  •    Learner centric education

  •    Guest lectures by Corporate experts

  •    Interactive sessions

  •    Project-based learning

  •    PowerPoint presentations

  •    Events & Activities

  •    Seminars & Workshops on Current Topics

  •    Tutorial & Assignments

  •    Group Discussion

  •    Class Test