School of Mechanical Engineering

As we enter the 21st Century, the importance of Mechanical Engineering cannot be overstated. The Mechanical Engineering Industry is the world’s largest capital goods provider along with the world’s largest transport facilitator. From the ships that power international trade to the automobiles that power national trade, all are sub divisions of Mechanical Engineering. Amongst the latest technologies, the Robotics Industry is an offshoot of Mechanical Engineering itself. Thus, Mechanical engineering can be considered the backbone of all technological progress.

MIT-WPU offers an undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering and a specialized undergraduate program in Robotics and Automation. We also offers two postgraduate programmes viz. M.Tech. Design and Thermal Engineering and a Doctoral programme in Mechanical Engineering. Accordingly MIT-WPU ensures that the students of our School of Mechanical Engineering are provided with the most advanced equipment in our laboratories on which to experiment and innovate. We have a state of art Robotics laboratory as well and our college is renowned for our robotics division. Our faculty are well chosen to reflect, both the academic pursuit of perfection as well as its practical pursuit. As such we have amongst our educators’ people with teaching experience as well as industry experience.

Our students can count on our support for meeting their educational needs as well as their extra-curricular needs to produce well rounded individuals. We have a vibrant campus community and our campus host numerous inter-college events like Baja, Supra, Robocon. Along with that we also host industrial visits, events conducted by Student Associations, Industry internships and Personality Development training. The MIT-WPU School of Mechanical Engineering has a strong alumni presence which is spread across the globe.


To continue to be recognized as one of the best Mechanical Engineering Schools’ in the country.


Creation of a team of specialists who offer real time problem solving capabilities.

Dr. Sandip T. Chavan

Professor and Programme Head
School of Mechanical Engineering

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School Initiatives/Activities

Faculty Achievement at National Level

Dr. Deepak Hujare, faculty of school of mechanical engineering recently appeared for NPTEL course titled “Vibration and Structural Dynamics” in October 2019 and scored 83%.

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Lecture delivered by Faculty in Workshop/STTP

31 December 2019

Prof. Dr. G.M.Kakandikar recently invited by VJTI, Mumbai on 31st December 2019 to deliver a session on Micro Forming Analysis of Aerospace Materials

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Interaction with Dr. Quintin L. Williams

30 December 2019

Dr. Quintin L. Williams Jr., a professor from Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago visited school of mechanical engineering

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Desai, Head- HORIBA India Pvt. Ltd interaction with student and faculty

Industry Personnel Interaction with Students & Staff

23 December 2019

Mr. A.T.Desai, Head- HORIBA India Pvt. Ltd and his tam interacted with students and faculty members of School of Mechanical Engineering.

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