Student Achievement

SAE-Electrical Two Wheeler Design Competition (ETWDC)

Team BOLT of School of Mechanical Engineering, represented MITWPU at “SAE-Electrical Two Wheeler Design Competition (ETWDC)”* held at BITS Sathyamangalam, Coimbatore, India.
We are happy to share with you that our team bagged Overall Performance Second Prize of Rs 50000/- (Which is the second highest prize in the competition)

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SAE Collegiate Chapter

Team Piranha Racing (BAJA)

BAJA-SAE is an annual National and International event conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for all Engineering Colleges in India.

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The team has to design, fabricate and develop an OFF-ROAD VEHICLE – A.T.V. (All-Terrain Vehicle) in the college workshop to compete at National and International – BAJA events. Through this activity, students learn about the design and manufacturing aspects of mechanical systems. They also learn and experience the importance of teamwork, a need for leadership, decision making and understand national and international affairs.
The event comprises of both ‘Static’ as well as ‘Dynamic’ events. The Static events include Sales, Cost, Design Evaluation, Go Green, CAE, & Innovation evaluation. The Dynamic events include Acceleration, Maneuverability, Sled Pull, Suspension and Traction, Brake Test and Endurance.
MIT BAJA Team has been participating at National and International competitions since 2009.

Recent Achievement : 

Event name: BAJA SAEINDIA 2018 at Indore (M.P.)
Duration: 23-28 January 2018
Total 150 Teams participated across the nation, amongst which TEAM PIRANHA RACING stood 4th in Overall All India ranking

Individual Event Achievement:

1. Major Achievement

  • Technology Innovation Award (Trophy and Prize Money – Rs. 30000/-)

2. Standings at Track Event:-

  • Overall Ranked 1st in Static Events

3. Standings at Track Event

  • Stood 2nd in Acceleration Event (One of the Track Event)
    (Trophy and Prize Money Rs. 40000/-)

  • 6th in Endurance race

Event name: International BAJA SAE held at Maryland (USA) in April 2018
Duration: 19 to 22 April 2018
Total 93 Teams participated across the world, amongst which TEAM PIRANHA RACING stood 10th in Overall All India ranking

Individual Event Achievement:

1. Major Achievement

  • Stood 3rd in Acceleration Event (One of the Track Event)
    (Trophy and $250 Prize Money)

2. Standings at Track Event:

  • Hill Climbing: – 7th Rank

  • Maneuverability: – 12th Rank

  • Endurance: – 18th Rank

3. Standing in Static Events:

  • Sales Presentation:- 3rd Rank

  • Cost Evaluation:- 9th Rank

  • Design Evaluation:- 16th Rank


BTeam ACCELERACERS’ which was started as an abstract idea in 2010, has become today the biggest and the most successful student initiative of MIT.

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In this activity, students learn a lot more than they can learn from conventional teaching methods by way of actually working during the car manufacturing process. Along with the core technical skills, they also learn the interpersonal skills, management, marketing and even costing and accounting skills. The nature of the engineering that is involved in this activity is highly interdisciplinary in nature making it a phenomenal learning experience.

“Team ACCELERACERS” an official team from MIT-WPU, participated in Formula Student U.K. competition 2018 at Silverstone Circuit, U.K.
Formula Student (FS) is the world’s largest student engineering design competition. It was organized by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). FSUK attracts entries from around the world, including USA, Australia, India, Canada, and the Far East, as well as a wealth of European teams. Entrants will compete to design, build and race a formula racing car – providing undergraduates with invaluable experience as they begin their engineering career. Total 32 students from MIT WPU participated in the event. Out of which this time we included 11 students from F.Y. B Tech Course of MIT WPU so as to give them international exposure right in the beginning. The event was organized from 13th to 15th  July 2018.
We have become the first Indian team to complete the endurance laps at any international event in formula Student events. The performance of our team in various events is as below.

Sr. No. Category Position acquired Out of teams
1 Overall 19 81
2 Fuel Efficiency 10 25
3 Cost 12 81
4 Presentation 18 72
5 Endurance 20 27
6 Skid Pad 24 32
7 Acceleration 28 35
8 Sprint/Autocross 29 96
9 Design 35 65

With this success, we have gained confidence that we can build cars of international standards which can survive the endurance.

Achievements Over the Years: 

  • The 1st prize in a category of Skid Pad event (2017)
  • The 1st Prize in Autocross event (manoeuvrability test) (2017)
  • 3rd Prize in the Acceleration Event. (2017)
  • 3rd ranking in overall performance from 125 teams across India. (2017)
  • 1st place in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) (2016)
  • 1st place in Design (2016)
  • Best Pit Management Award (2016)
  • First car to clear the technical inspection in the event (2016)
  • Overall Rank 12th (2015)
  • 2nd place in CAE (2014)
  • 3rd Place in Design (2014)
  • 1st place in Design (2012)

TIFAN stands for “Technology Innovation Forum for Agricultural Nurturing”. It is a first-ever student’s competition in agricultural innovation. It is organized by SAE India Off-Highway board and Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri.

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The real objective of TIFAN competition is to provide a platform for Agricultural product innovation by generating a talent pool for off-highway industry. Off-highway board is very happy to initiate this competition targeted to solve the farming challenges using mechanized solutions. It provides a platform for connecting the bright and prosperous engineering talent available in the country with the real-life challenges of the agriculture sector. Through this program, students from engineering and agricultural colleges across India will participate in providing innovative solutions to product design and development challenge.


To Design, Analyze and Manufacture ‘Self Propelled Onion Harvester’
AIR 4th in India in Final Event

Selected amongst Top 17 Teams in India in Virtual Event

Description about Project:

MIT Kothrud participated in the event organized by SAE INDIA by the name TIFAN 2018 (TIFAN stands for “Technology Innovation Forum for Agricultural Nurturing”). The motto behind organizing the competition was to make a Self Propelled Onion Harvester, which will be helpful to Indian farmers to move from manual farm labor to automation for maximum production output from minimum efforts input.
The Team Mechnix of 25 Mechanical Engineering Students from MIT and MITCOE Pune combined was lead by Team Captain Pratik Gaikwad from Third Year of Mechanical Engineering. During the Virtual event of TIFAN in November 2017, Team qualified amongst the TOP 17 Teams in India. By the End of December 2017 team was ready with a design the complete layout of the farm machine in all respects to the extent of being considered ready‐to‐manufacturing.

Students Started the final manufacturing of the machine in January 2018. With the hard work and dedication of all the students, the machine was ready to work by the end of February 2018. Here the team would like to thank the college and especially the faculty for providing time to time guidance which lead to the success of ‘Creating the machine which was once a Dream”>After proper Testing and evaluating the machine, a team headed for the final event in Mahatma PhuleKrishiVidhyapeethRahuri, Maharashtra. The event was organized by reputed companies like John Deere, Cummins, Mahindra, BKT, Solidworks, Ansys, and Caterpillar. The team proved its worthiness by successfully completing all the evaluation tests conducted by event organizers in the first attempt itself. Finally, on 23rd March 2018, Team Mechnix competed with other teams in a farm. It brings immense pleasure to say that Team Mechnix machine ‘Lakshya 1.0’ Successfully completed the onion harvesting with AIR 4th Rank

Team DART- Desert Assault Race Tech

Desert rallies had been organized just for professionals till 2017. But for the very first time in the world, Polaris has started the race for engineering students in India, RCDC 2018. Team DART will grab this opportunity to take the professional race and do it an engineer’s way.

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After the success in SUPRA SAE INDIA and SAE BAJA, MIT Students have worked hard to launch a new concept, revolutionary for student society, the build-it-yourself, 4×4 two seater off-road desert rally car, to participate in Rally Car Design Challenge 2018 (RCDC 2018). Team Desert Assault Race Tech (DART) is an engineering students’ team having sound knowledge and dedication towards motorsports. Team represents MIT on national and professional platform of RCDC. Team has got FE, SE and TE students who have learning and building as their priority. Prof. N. D. Khaire and Prof. C. P. Waykole are guiding the team through its journey as team’s Faculty Advisors.

Besides team’s main objective of RCDC, bound to the vow of motorsports, team DART has been conducting inter college workshops for engineers, arranging competitions for engineers, conducting informative seminars and talks for students, doing surveys, blogging and running a YouTube channel in order to take motorsports to students hands.


The team had cleared virtual round of RCDC in October 2017. Putting all the efforts in designing and manufacturing, the team appeared at RCDC 2018 in Bikaner with its vehicle, The Punisher. The team cleared the Technical Inspection and Brake Test successfully. After conquering the desert for 3 days of the event, The Punisher now stands with proud, in Top 15 desert rally cars, designed and manufactured solely by students.