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MDC-Competency Mapping

Competency Mapping

Competency Mapping is a unique activity initiated at MITSOM for overall development of students wherein MITSOM faculties Dr.Varsha Nadkarni and Dr.Ashish Kulkarni under guidance of Dr.Sayalee Gankar madam have developed in house assessment centre and development centre for personal and professional development of students. It consists of a Mentorship program for first-year students of all courses by internal faculty members and is followed by mentoring from experts who come from industry as well as from the behavioral sciences area during the second year. The aim is to enable the student to better understand themselves and to point out where career development efforts need to be directed. Competency mapping involves the determination of the extent to which the person possesses the various competencies related to a job. The activity is conducted in order to find out the gap between required and actual competencies for the students which would help them during their placements as well as in their personal and Professional Development. The students were taken through a series of psychometric tests with the help of a computerized system developed by the institute. The instruments majorly focused on the students’ perception, thought process, temperament, ability to handle tactical situations and interpersonal relationship, etc.

After these instruments were executed, a student had a one to one mentoring session with experts. The counselor for the activity was Mr. Dilip Randive, Management Consultant, and Dr. Aashiesh Tavkarr, Integrated Behavioural Coach. During the session, based on the test results the counselors guide the students. In the course of the discussion, they help students to come up with an action plan which would be beneficial to the students for their personal as well as professional development.

Competency Mapping Team


Dr. Aashiesh Tavkarr
Integrated Behavioral Coach


Mr. Dilip Randive 
Corporate Grooming Expert

Dr. Swati Bankar
Competency Mapping Process Expert


Dr. Ashish Kulkarni
Competency Mapping System Development Expert