School of Management (PG)

MCA – Masters in Computer Applications

Program Overview

Master of Computer Applications (MCA) is a two-year professional Master’s Degree in Computer Application. It is designed to meet the increasing demand for professionals in the field of Information Technology. This program is inclined more towards Application Development and thus has more emphasis on latest programming language and tools to develop better and faster applications.

An MCA program curriculum builds right platform for students to become successful Software professional. This would emphasize on domain knowledge of various areas, which would help the students to build software applications on it. The students are exposed to system development in the information-processing environment, with special emphasis on Management Information Systems and Software Engineering for small and medium computer.

This program prepares students to take up positions as system analysts, systems designers,
Programmers and managers in any field related to Information Technology. The program, therefore, aims at imparting comprehensive knowledge with equal emphasis on theory and practice.

Program Objective

  • To enrich the knowledge of the students to design a computing system so as to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as applicability, compatibility and security.

  • An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, Computer Applications and management in regular practice.

  • To integrate and apply efficiently the contemporary IT tools to all computer applications.

  • To create and design innovative methodologies to solve complex problems for the betterment of the society at a global level.

Program Highlights

The MCA program is a mix of computer-related and general business courses. The computer related courses use microcomputers to introduce standard techniques of programming; the use of software packages including word processors, spreadsheets and databases; system analysis and design Tools. The general business courses include the functional areas of management like accounting, sales, purchase, inventory, and production. The course would emphasise the study and creation of business applications, rather than more programming Inclusion of projects in each semester improves student’s technical orientation, understanding of IT environment and domain knowledge. A well rounded learning approach at MIT-WPU further ensures that MCA graduates develop professional finesse along with complete technology knowledge.

  • Unique WPU Method

  • Interactive Teaching learning method based on student’s active class participation in his/her own learning.

  • Emphasis on practical exposure based on hands on sessions on a real time environment.

  • Flexibility in choice of subjects leading to a definite career path from second year on wards.

  • Value added Education such as professional certifications and workshops in association with IIT.

  • The curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between academics and Industries.

  • Global exposure in terms of Internship and exchange programs.

Program Structure

The MCA program follows a tri-semester pattern and first year builds foundation for entire program which will provide complete exposure of prerequisites which are necessary for advance learning in Trimester III onwards. Three months internship program at the end of first Year will be based on SRS Development.Trimester III onward courses are designed with specialized approach which would help students to develop basic and advanced skills in areas of their interest thereby increasing their level of expertise. Trimester V and Trimester VI will be exposed to student’s internship/exchange programs based on the chosen specialization.
In last two semesters (six months) there will be industry internship programs for the students which is a per-placement exposure with the industry to work on live projects. This will also help the students to learn managerial and leadership skills, problem solving skills, team spirit, and professional ethics.

  • Duration: Two Years Full-Time

  • Academic Pattern: Trimester

  • Electives: Choice based electives to follow specialization approach.

  • Credit System: Choice based Credit Systems, Total Credits 107

  • Blending of Emerging Trends in Technologies.

  • According to the structure and syllabus the contents are categorized as

    • FC: Foundation Courses

    • CS : Computer Science Core

    • CMC : Commerce and Management Core

    • DE : Departmental Electives

    • WP : World Peace (Humanities and Sciences)

    • SK : Skill based Courses

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