School of Management (PG)

MBA – Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Program Overview

Management education in recent years has moved beyond the basic streams in line with changing trends. Management aspirants are also venturing to explore upcoming streams over and above the essential fundamental ones. In modern day economy, people are more enthusiastic to become entrepreneurs as they are driven by various factors such as independence to work, challenge seekers, desires to fulfil their dreams, support from family background, lucrative market opportunity, higher earning potential and an ideas driven mind.

MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship would help students to learn skills that will prepare them from initial development of a business plan, to financing a start-up and managing a growing business as well as shape factors such as innovative ideas, identifying market opportunity, understanding strengths and weaknesses and risk taking behaviour more professionally in an aspiring entrepreneur.

Program Objectives

  • The ability to identify entrepreneurial opportunities that exist, those that represent untapped markets and underserved markets, and those that can be created by applying existing technologies to new fields and new markets

  • The ability to create entrepreneurial opportunities through the invention, development and exploitation of entirely new ideas, products and services, and/or the creation of new industries, infrastructures, and ways of doing business.

  • Inculcate among students, entrepreneurial competencies including self-confidence, goal setting, planning, information seeking, problem solving and planned risk taking.

  • Provide intensive personal counselling to develop a competent entrepreneur and a successful business executive of tomorrow.

Program Highlights

The Pedagogy will include but will not be limited to current topics only. It includes case studies which have impacted the market and start-ups along with practical teaching to provide students hands-on experience with specific visits to industry, clubs and events. The focus of the program is to educate students on the resilience required to succeed in any start-up businesses.

  • The Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp is an intensive program designed to give you the tools you need to capitalize on opportunity and turn your idea into a thriving business.

  • Live Projects -Students are encouraged to undertake live projects under this program

  • Business Simulations: To create an environment to help people to make decisions ; deal with risk consequences as well as solve problem

  • B-Plan preparation guidance

    • MIT-WPU offers a variety of independent study opportunities. Students may initiate, design, and execute independent study projects with the help of faculty advisors.

    • Eminent entrepreneurs from various industries are invited regularly to share their experiences with the students.

    • The programme comprises of an International visit to places of importance for budding entrepreneurs such as Silicon Valley.

  • A Detailed Project Report (DPR) needs to be prepared by the participants with regard to their ventures after conducting a thorough market research and collating secondary data.

  • At MIT-WPU the experiential learning is emphasized through Summer Internship and Projects. During the first year, students are trained in the functional areas of business.
    At the end of the first year, they are exposed to a real time business environment, and take up responsibilities and goals which aim at being mutually beneficial for both the students and the organization.

Program Structure

The program of MBA-Innovation & entrepreneurship will provide students a dynamic and engaging course curriculum that provides insight to the existing world of start-ups. The curriculum will follow a trimester pattern with total 6 semesters spread over 2 years.

  • 6 months project

  • Idea Generation to Idea Implementation

  • B-Plan assistance

  • Mentoring Support through various Alumni Entrepreneurs.

  • Students will be encouraged to start their ventures through financial assistance from Banks, Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.


  • A blend of periodic written assessment and Continuous Assessment will be used for better student engagement and effective evaluation

  • The Program comprises of 6 Trimesters and adopts the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and Grading System.

  • The MBA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship Programme is a combination of:

    • Core Courses (100 Marks each): Full Credit Courses

    • Electives Courses (50 Marks each): Half Credit Courses

    • World peace course will be Half Credit Course

    • Rural Immersion will be 2 Full Credit Course

    • Summer Internship Project & Report will be 6 Full Credit Course

    • Industry Internship will be 6 Full Credit Course

    • Total Programme will be evaluated for 100 credits for 2 years

  • Continuous Assessment (Concurrent Evaluation): A continuous assessment approach in Trimester system (also known as internal assessment) is spread through the duration of course and is done by the course teachers. The continuous assessment provides a feedback on teaching learning process. The feedback after being analysed is passed on to the concerned student for implementation and subsequent improvement.

  • Duration -2 Years full time

  • INTAKE60 students

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