School of Management (PG)

MBA-Corporate Social Responsibility

Program Overview

Management Education in recent years has moved beyond basic streams in line with Industry and macroeconomic requirements. Management aspirants are also venturing opportunities with organisations that are focussed on contributing towards Socio-Economic & Environmental Development. The Faculty of Management at MIT–World Peace University is one of the first institutions in India to introduce 2 years full-time course for PG-MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

As per Section 135 and Schedule VII of the Companies Act, CSR Law is applicable on companies which states that companies as per defined threshold limits have to spend 2% of their Net Profits in CSR activities. Currently more than 8000 companies fall in this purview and each needs to hire minimum 5 people incremental on the basis of their operations.

MBA-Corporate Social Responsibility is an in-demand program teaching a business approach that contributes towards sustainable development by delivering economic, sustainability and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. CSR is a concept with many definitions and practices. The students looking to specialize in this course would undergo learning of conventional General Management subjects in addition with emphasis on concepts of Responsible business practices, sustainability, Environment, Ethics, Social Inclusions, Governance, Social Entrepreneurship, Creating shared value, inclusive growth and similar areas. As a PG-MBA-CSR you would be welcomed by leading Corporates, Government, Civil Service Organizations and Social Ventures worldwide.

Program Objective

  • The objective of the program is to develop young and dynamic post graduates in MBA – CSR, understanding shared value and responsible business practices to enter the professional world.

  • Students who are passionate to create successful career as CSR Professional in the areas; Environment, Social Inclusion, Sustainable Business Practices, Responsible Business and Ethics.

Program Highlights

The Corporate Social Responsibility function is an in-depth specialisation that equips students to make an impact in global organisations. The programme has been specially developed at MIT-WPU in consultation with experts and NGOS in this field

  • A unique dual specialization approach of MBA in CSR and Marketing/Finance/HR.

  • Credit System trimester pattern

  • Unique WPU method comprising

    • Global Leadership Program-2 Weeks

    • International Study Tour* -2 to 3 weeks

    • National Study Tour* -10 Days

    • World Peace Courses

    • Rural Immersion Program -1 Week

  • Competency Mapping of every student for better career planning and progression

  • Courses taught by experts from the Industry as well as select foreign Faculty

  • A dedicated last semester for Industry Internship besides Industry Project as well as Live projects.

Program Structure

The MBA- Corporate Social Responsibility is a unique program comprising of 6 Trimesters and adopts the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and Grading System. A blend of periodic written assessment and Continuous Assessment will be used for better student engagement and effective evaluation. Continuous Assessment (Concurrent Evaluation) approach in Trimester system (also known as internal assessment) is spread through the duration of course and is done by the course teachers. The continuous assessment provides a feedback on teaching learning process. The feedback after being analysed is passed on to the concerned student for implementation and subsequent improvement.

  • Duration of the Program-2 years Full time Program

  • Pattern

    • Program will have Trimester pattern with total 6 semesters spread over 2 years

    • Core Courses (100 Marks each): Full Credit Courses

    • Electives Courses (50 Marks each): Half Credit Courses

    • World peace course will be Half Credit Course

    • Rural Immersion will be 2 Full Credit Course

    • Summer Internship Project & Report will be 6 Full Credit Course

    • Industry Internship will be 6 Full Credit Course

    • Total Program will be evaluated for 100 credits for 2 years

  • Credit System

    • Each Semester will have Full credit courses and Half Credit courses and specified Value added certifications. Credit system will be choice based

    • Full credit Courses are mandatory while each semester students are free to select any 2 half credit courses from the comprehensive course basket offered.

  • Specializations offered

    • Dual Specialization from third semester onwards in Marketing /Finance/ HR Specializations will be offered

  • Total Program Credits :96

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