School of Management (PG)

MBA-Construction & Project Management

Program Overview

There has been a rapid growth in urbanization & hence, construction investments. Government is encouraging the Infrastructure sector including the urban infrastructure development. Hence, urbanization will continue to grow. To enable this growth there is a dire need of young trained workforce in entry-level & middle management of Construction Project Organizations. There are clear Industry trends that indicate an ample scope for skilled professionals in Housing & Construction Project sector .In the context of developing nation like India, there has been rising demand for housing and associated spending are being fuelled by increasing urbanization. Increased commercial activity leading to higher demand for office spaces & commercial establishments such as shopping malls, multiplexes and transport infrastructure such as bus terminals, airports etc. More over, government’s boost to urban infrastructure development through ‘Smart City’ Mission involving a funding of Rs. 98,000 crore to develop 100 Smart cities. With above indicators, MBA in Construction & Project Management has clearly emerged to be a promising career.

Program Highlights

MBA-Construction & Project Management at MIT-World Peace University is a comprehensive management studies program which goes beyond classroom learning and focusses on holistic development of its students. It builds on the unique WPU Method of imparting education which incorporates experiential learning mechanism, academic & research orientation, Hands-on training and Application of technology. The diverse facets of this Study Program are enumerated below-

  • Unique WPU method comprising

    • International Study Tour* -2 to 3 weeks

    • National Study Tour * -10 Days

    • World Peace Courses

    • Rural Immersion Program -1 Week

  • Interactive Teaching learning method based on student’s active class participation in his/her own learning.

  • Emphasis on practical exposure based on hands on sessions on a real time environment.

  • Flexibility in choice of subjects leading to a definite career path from second year onwards.

  • Value added Education such as professional certifications and workshops in association with IIT.

  • The curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between academics and Industries.

  • Global exposure in terms of Internship and exchange programs.

  • Competency Mapping of every student for better career planning and progression

  • A well-recognized Advisory Board of National and International Experts

  • Mentoring Program and Unique Progress Assessment tool of ‘Learning Diary’

  • Impeccable career opportunities through Placement support

  • Opportunity to be part of organizing team of 3 mega National Events of MIT-WPU (BCS, NTC & NWP)

Program Objective

  • To inculcate key knowledge about Construction & Project Management, managerial and strategic skills, right aptitude and attitude in the learners.

  • To create a pool of young managers to fulfill the need of new generation of skilled manpower in the rapidly transforming Construction & Project Management sector.

  • To bridge the gap between industry and academics in the Construction & Project Management Sector

Program Structure

MIT-WPU provides a specialist management program designed by experienced advisory board. The MBA program provides the flexibility to allow students to get in depth knowledge in Construction & Project Management. This program also offers opportunities for work-based research and to undertake a company internship to gain invaluable work experience in the industry.


The Pedagogy will include but will not be limited to current topics, case studies which have impacted the construction & project management practices and real estate industry, theory and practical teaching which will provide students hands on experience, industry specific visits to construction & project firms. The intensity of the course will educate students on the resilience required to succeed in the construction & project industry.

Credit System

Each Trimester will have Full Credit courses, Half Credit course and specified certifications.


  • Trimester I and II will be common for all the students. Trimester III onwards students will study the specific courses for the opted specialization.

  • Total Program includes all courses, Rural Immersion, Internship Program, National Study Tour, International Study Tour, Live Project(s) and WPU Peace courses.

  • An MBA in Construction & Project Management program will provide students a dynamic and engaging course curriculum which will provide an insight to the exciting world of Construction & Project Management.

  • Program will have Trimester Pattern with total 6 trimesters spread over 2 years

Guest Lectures

There will be guest lectures from eminent speakers from Construction & Project industry who will impart practical knowledge and expertise to the students during their learning process.

Value Added Certifications

Students will be offered value added certifications like Microsoft Project Software, CAPM training, Six Sigma Green Belt etc. to bolster value addition..

Live Projects

Each student will work upon at least 1 Industry project for a specified course. Each student will undertake minimum 2 live projects in the entire program, apart from the Industry Project.

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