School of Liberal Arts

MA English / Political Science / Psychology (Emphasis on Liberal Studies)

MA English / Political Science / Psychology (Emphasis on Liberal Studies)


Before the era of discipline specific studies, education was ‘liberal’ in true sense. Ancient Indian education system from the time of Buddha was all inclusive which implied a transdisciplinary approach. The Learners were accustomed to diverse subjects ranging from Philosophy to Natural Sciences. MA English/ Political Science/Psychology (Emphasis on Liberal Studies) program re-introduces this holistic system of education taking into account the ever-changing demands of the modern world.

This Program offers Post graduation in English/Political Science/ Psychology with emphasis on Liberal Studies. It helps Learners to grow a multi-dimensional perspective towards the world. It encompasses a broad array of subjects and teaches Learners the inter-relationship between them. Liberal education helps Learner to gauge their strengths and hence helps them apply greater efforts in their area of studies.

MA English/ Political Science/Psychology (Emphasis on Liberal Studies) has a unique range of courses which provide flexibility and variety that suits the interests and needs of each Learner. The Program focuses on in-depth learning of the compulsory core subjects (English/Political Science/Psychology) with emphasis on Liberal Studies.

MA English (Emphasis on Liberal Studies) in English offers a spectrum of Compulsory Core courses and Core Electives ranging from Fiction, Poetry and Drama across the ages, Literary Criticism, and Linguistics to options such as Modern American Literature, Indian Writing in English, Cultural Studies and Women’s Writing. MA Political Science (Emphasis on Liberal Studies) has plentiful options to form a unique combination, like Comparative Political Analysis, Western Political thought and Modern Indian Political Thought, with electives like Political economy of India, Inequality and exclusion, and Politics of International economic relations. MA in Psychology (Emphasis on Liberal Studies) has exceptional combination of Compulsory Core courses like Psychometry, Advance Research Methods in Psychological Research, and an abundance of Core Electives including Industrial Psychology and Counseling Psychology, Motivation & Emotion, and Psychological assessment in Human Resource.

Apart from the Compulsory Core courses and Core Electives, MA English/ Political Science/Psychology (Emphasis on Liberal Studies) also encompasses diverse areas of study like Event Development, Mass Media, Music, Drama, Economics, Earth system processes among others. The Learner will study a combination of courses from General electives, Skill Enhancement Course, Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses and Cluster Electives and various interdisciplinary fields of study as per choice-based credit system. Experiential Learning is the central soul of Liberal Studies program and involves Rural Immersion Program, National Study Tour, International Immersion Program, Field Studies, Industry Visits and Internships.

Present day employers are looking for people with multiple skill sets. They expect postgraduates to be excellent problem solvers, who can think critically and can communicate convincingly. Employers also expect postgraduates to be sensitive and appreciate the complexities of the society and humanity. The MA English/ Political Science/Psychology (Emphasis on Liberal Studies) program imbibes multidisciplinary approach among Learners which improves their prospects of employment in varied industries and areas.









Salient Features

MA English (Emphasis on Liberal Studies)

  • To nurture sensitivity and creativity in students through the study of the language and literature.

  • To acquaint the students with an interdisciplinary approach towards the study of English which can help them to excel in diverse fields.

MA Political Science(Emphasis on Liberal Studies)

  • To enable students to understand and to critically analyze domestic and international political systems at an advanced level.

  • To help students to appreciate theories of political science and to relate them to the current national and international affairs.

MA Psychology (Emphasis on Liberal Studies)

  • To facilitate students to understand various branches and trends in psychology.

  • To develop research and analytical skills of students which can help them to excel at the professional level.


MA English/ Political Science/Psychology (Emphasis on Liberal Studies) programs, through various activities such as field work, study tours, Immersion programs helps the Learners to develop application-oriented knowledge by first hand experiences outside the conventional academic setting. The program, as a part of experiential learning, comprises of:

  • Rural Immersion Program: MIT WPU Rural Immersion Program aims at making Learners live and experience the grass root realities of rural life.

  • *National Immersion Program: To expose Learners to imbibe national perspective and awareness about the diverse culture of our country. It also includes field and industry visits.

  • *International Immersion: To facilitate Learners with exposure to global learning scenarios and to introduce them to the demands of global market.


MA English/ Political Science/Psychology (Emphasis on Liberal Studies) Degree comes with six additional Certificates. There is no additional Fee for the Certificate programs. Certificates are awarded to Learners on successful completion of Projects. The following are the additional certificates which will be given along with MA (Liberal Studies) degree:

  • *International Immersion Certificate

  • *National Immersion Certificate

  • Rural Immersion Certificate

  • Internship Certificate

  • World Peace Program Certificate

  • Certificates for attending Conferences

Program Highlights

  • All the disciplines under the Program focus on creating an integration of aesthetic, creative, intellectual and rational perspective in the learners.

  • The wide range of courses offered in each discipline give the learners an opportunity to choose their own interest areas and quench their curiosity.

  • The Program aims to develop and shape Research Aptitude in the Learners which will help them think critically across various contexts and solve problems.

  • The Peace Studies offered by the course elevates the focus of the Program beyond academic growth of the learners and gives them a wholesome educational experience, which makes them evolve socially, intellectually, and personally.

  • Social initiatives like Rural Immersion Program and various other Certifications help students apply the theoretical knowledge in the real words and boosts their morale along the way.