Event Calendar 2023

University Events
Sr. No. Dates & Days Name of the Initiative/Event
1 12-Jan-2023 Thursday National Youth Day (Dhyaneshwar Hall)
2 TBD Sarpanch Sansad (Associated with Rural immersion program)
3 26-Jan-2023 Thursday Republic Day
4 03-Feb-2023 Friday Bharat Asmita National Awards
5 4-Feb to 13-Feb-2023 Saturday to Monday Annual Social Gathering
6 9-Feb to 11-Feb-2023 Thursday to Saturday 9th World Parliament of Science, Religion and Philosophy
7 14-Feb-2023 Tuesday Brilliantine Day
8 14-Feb to 17-Feb-2023 Tuesday to Friday Inter-staff Sports Summit
9 17-Feb-2023 Friday Cultural Evening
10 19-Feb-2023 Sunday Shiv Jayanti
11 21-Feb to 24-Feb-2023 Tuesday to Friday Sports Summit
12 1-Mar to 3-Mar-2023 Wednesday to Friday MITWPU Hackathon
Drone Technology competition for Engineering Students
13 08-Mar-2023 Wednesday International Women's Day
14 9-Mar to 11-Mar-2023 Thursday to Saturday Aarohan (Student Cultural Festival)
15 14-Apr-2023 Friday Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti
16 12-May-2023 Friday TED-x Talks
17 16-May-2023 Tuesday Buddha Pournima
18 05-Jun-2023 Monday World Environment Day
19 21-Jun-2023 Wednesday International Day of Yoga
20 03-Jul-2023 Monday Gurupornima
21 15-Aug-2023 Tuesday Independence Day (National Day)
22 16-Aug to 18-Aug 2023 Wednesday to Friday Social Leadership Development Program (SLDP)
23 18-Aug-2023 Friday Trialogue
24 21-Aug to 25-Aug 2023 Monday to Friday Research, Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship (RIDE)
25 28-Aug to 31-Aug 2023 Monday to Wednesday Hoop-it-up Basketball Tournament
26 28-Aug-2023 Monday Birthday Celebrations of Managing Trustee and Executive President Shri Rahul Karad Sir
27 05-Sep-2023 Tuesday Teachers' Day
28 14-Sep to 16-Sep-2023 Thursday to Saturday ROBOCON
29 21-Sep-2023 Thursday Peace Marathon
30 02-Oct-2023 Monday Gandhi Jayanti
31 14-Oct-2023 Saturday University Convocation Day
32 23-Oct-2023 Monday Khandenavami
33 24-Nov to 30-Nov 2023 Friday to Thursday Endowment Lecture Series
34 18-Oct to 19-Oct-2023 Wednesday to Thursday National Conference on Media and Journalism (NCMJ)
35 13-Dec to 14-Dec-2023 Wednesday to Thursday International Symposium on Law and Peace (ISLP)
MAEER’s Events
Sr. No. Dates & Days Name of the Initiative/Event
1 03-Feb-2023 Friday Founder's Day
2 11-May-2023 Thursday Late Dadarao Karad Wrestling Competition
3 31-Dec-2023 Nav-varsh Purvasandhya
School Events
Sr. No. Dates & Days Name of the Initiative/Event
1 Dates excluding University events School academic, curriculum, co-curricular, research event
Undergraduate Programmes arrow-m Postgraduate Programmes arrow-m
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