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BA Liberal Arts

BA Liberal Arts


Before the era of discipline specific studies, education was ‘liberal’ in true sense. Ancient Indian education system from the time of Buddha was all inclusive which implied a transdisciplinary approach. The Learners were accustomed to diverse subjects ranging from Philosophy to Natural Sciences. BA Liberal Arts program re-introduces this holistic system of education taking into account the ever changing demands of the modern world.

BA Liberal Arts helps Learners to grow a multi-dimensional perspective towards the world. It encompasses a broad array of subjects and teaches Learners the inter-relationship between them. A liberal education helps learners to gauge her strengths and hence helps them to apply greater efforts in their area of studies.

BA Liberal Arts have a unique range of courses that provides flexibility and variety that suit the interests and needs of each Learner. Liberal Arts focus on encompassing diverse areas of study like Literature, Psychology, Event Development, Legal Education, Mass Media, Managerial Studies, Music, Drama, Economics, Earth system processes, Global Politics among others. The Learner will study a combination of courses from General electives, Skill Enhancement Course, Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses and Cluster Electives, and various interdisciplinary fields of study as per choice based credit system. Experiential Learning is the central soul of the Liberal Arts program and involves the Rural Immersion Program, National Study Tour, International Immersion Program, Field Studies, Industry Visits, and Internships.

Present day employers are looking for people with multiple skill sets. They expect graduates to be excellent problem solvers, who can think critically and can communicate convincingly. Employers also expect graduates to be sensitive and appreciate the complexities of society and humanity. The BA Liberal Arts program imbibes a multidisciplinary approach among Learners which improves their prospects of employment in varied industries and areas.









Salient Features


BA Liberal Arts program takes up an approach that goes beyond discipline specific limitations. It integrates various disciplines for the holistic development of Learners. The unique approach of the program helps in advancing cognitive ability, critical thinking, and develop the factual information base of Learners.


Creative thinking implies integration of observation skills and analytical thinking. It develops new perspectives in Learners to look at complexities of life, society and industry which in turn enhances problem solving capabilities in them. BA Liberal Arts being a confluence of various disciplines evolves creative thinking ability in the Learners.


One Faculty member is assigned as Mentor for each Learners. Mentor Faculty look into curricular and co-curricular development of mentees and provide them guidance and support. Mentor Faculty addresses personal as well as academic problems of the Learners and counsel and coach them on one-to-one basis.


BA Liberal Arts Program encompasses subjects such as Heritage Conservation, Vedic Sciences, Ayurveda, Art of Living, etc. These subjects introduce Learners to ancient knowledge systems which helps them to appreciate the development and progress of human civilization. It also ensures that the ancient knowledge is passed on to the younger generation.


BA Liberal Arts program, through various activities such as fieldwork, study tours, Immersion programs helps Learners to develop application oriented knowledge by first hand experiences outside the conventional academic setting. The program, as a part of experiential learning, comprises of:

  • Rural Immersion Program: MIT-WPU Rural Immersion Program aims at making Learners live and experience the grass root realities of rural life.

  • National Immersion Program: To expose Learners to imbibe national perspective and awareness about the diverse culture of our country. It also includes field and industry visits.

  • International Immersion: To facilitate Learners with exposure to global learning scenarios and to introduce them to the demands of global market.


BA Liberal Arts Degree comes with six additional Certificates. There is no additional fee for the Certificate programs. Certificate is awarded to Learners on successful completion of Projects. The following are the additional certificates which will be given along with BA Liberal Arts degree:

  • International Immersion Certificate

  • National Immersion Certificate

  • Rural Immersion Certificate

  • Internship Certificate

  • World Peace Program Certificate

  • Certificates for attending Conferences

Unique Future With Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts graduates have a wide range of career choices. They are well-equipped to pursue multiple careers in a rapidly changing world. Graduates from such programs are preferred by employers due to their expertise in multiple areas. They are effective communicators and have strong critical and creative thinking skills. The holistic and interdisciplinary approach of Liberal Arts program enables learners to broaden their perspective and overall world view.