School of Liberal Arts


BA Liberal Arts


The School of Liberal Arts enables learners to analyze society from different perspectives and dimensions. It also focuses on imparting the latest and state of art education in various fields and areas. It focuses on nurturing sensitivity and creativity in students. It aims to create a pool of talent that is diverse and has multiple skills that are required in this highly competitive world.

The three-year BA Liberal Arts program is spread over nine Trimesters. The program is based on the choice-based credit system (CBCS) which allows learners to earn a part of their course credits by selecting subjects of their choice from various disciplines. ‘Major’ and ‘Minor’ the combination is selected from the second year i.e. Fourth Trimester.

MIT-WPU School of Liberal Arts has a unique range of courses that provides flexibility and a variety that suits the interests and needs of each learner. Liberal Arts focus on Liberal Education which encompasses diverse areas of study from Literature to Psychology, from Event Development to Legal Education, from Mass Media to Managerial Studies, from Music and Drama to Economics, from Earth system processes to Global Politics, etc. Liberal Arts graduates would gain a platform for employment as well as higher studies. The learner will study a combination of courses from General electives, Skill Enhancement Course, Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses, Cluster Electives, etc. Learning new languages, Rural Immersion Program, National and International Immersion Program, Field Studies, Internships provide real-life experience of the diverse subjects are the perks of having a liberal education



Duration (years)







Salient Features

  •    Many Disciplines One Program

  •    Plethora of choice of Subjects

  •    Life Changing Experiences

  •    Mentor-Mentee System

  •    Mapping passion with career

  •    Immersion Programs

    • Rural Immersion Program

    • National Immersion Program

    • International Immersion Program

  •    Amalgamation of the disciplines

Unique Future With Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts graduates have a wide range of career choices. They are well-equipped to pursue multiple careers in a rapidly changing world. Graduates from such programs are preferred by employers due to their expertise in multiple areas. They are effective communicators and have strong critical and creative thinking skills. The holistic and interdisciplinary approach of Liberal Arts program enables learners to broaden their perspective and overall world view.