Prof. Dr. Easwar Krishna Iyer

Prof. (Dr.) Easwar Krishna Iyer is the Dean of the Ramcharan School of Leadership at MIT-WPU and brings in an extensive experience spanning thirty-four years. His educational foundation includes a Ph.D. in Cloud Computing from the Centurion University of Technology in Management, and triple Postgraduate degrees in Management, Energy Management, and Technology.

Dr. Iyer has over two decades of teaching experience at various B-Schools, amassing over 3000 hours of instruction. His journey encompasses seven years of fundamental research and six years dedicated to entrepreneurial ventures. He is an educator, a civilizational narrator, an institution builder, a positivist, and an active social media networker.

Dr Iyer’s engagement in B-Schools has been multifaceted, covering roles in programme launches, programme directorship, admissions, placements, media, and branding, offering him a comprehensive understanding of the educational landscape. In the realm of research, Dr. Iyer focuses on "Technology Inhibition Modeling" and has served as a trusted consultant for content creation and review at Tata Consultancy Services since 2017. He has attended the GMAC Annual Global Conference in the USA for an impressive ten consecutive years.

Dr. Iyer's academic contributions extend to esteemed institutions such as the Great Lakes Institute of Management and the Amrita School of Business.

Prof. Dr. Easwar Krishna Iyer

Dean - Ramcharan School of Leadership

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