Mr. Ganesh B Pokale

Mr. Ganesh B. Pokale is the Registrar at MIT-WPU, and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in academic administration. With a comprehensive understanding of higher education, his proficiency spans outcome-based education, process design and development, process excellence, academic credit, learning technology, and assessments targeting high-order learning skills. As an alumnus of COEP (College of Engineering Pune), Mr. Pokale has a versatile background encompassing both academia and industry.

Notably, Mr. Pokale has played a key role in the design and implementation of university ERP and learning management systems, contributing significantly to academic quality assurance. His exposure to the international environment has further enriched his insights into global best practices, trends, and technologies.

In his current role as Registrar, Mr. Pokale maintains a strong focus on service orientation while embracing a technology-driven approach to administration. His dedication to fostering academic excellence and leveraging technology for continuous improvement is evident in his contributions to the university's administrative landscape.

Mr. Ganesh B Pokale


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