Dr. Mrudula Sanjay Kulkarni

With a wealth of experience spanning over three decades in engineering education, Dr. Mrudula Sanjay Kulkarni currently holds the esteemed position of Director of Student Affairs at MIT-WPU, Pune.

Throughout her career, she has actively contributed to research and development, particularly in innovative design and construction technologies. Notably, she participated in funded projects, including the design of Pre-Loaded Parabolic Antennas for the GMRT project under the guidance of Dr. Govind Swaroop. She also collaborated on research projects led by Dr. K.H. Sancheti, focusing on the design of hip and knee joint prostheses.

One significant accomplishment is her role as the Principal Investigator for an international cooperation project funded by the European Union, fostering collaboration between Italy and India. During this project, she served as a visiting researcher at Politecnico De Milano in Italy, enhancing her knowledge and expertise.

Dr. Mrudula Sanjay Kulkarni has successfully led projects funded by DST-AICTE under the RPS initiative. Currently, her primary focus is guiding and supervising Ph.D. scholars at MIT-WPU, Pune, and CEPT University, Ahmedabad.

A substantial portion of her time is dedicated to curriculum development for Civil Engineering programmes at MIT-WPU and other autonomous institutes in Maharashtra. This ensures that students receive a well-rounded industry-relevant education under her guidance.

Dr. Mrudula Sanjay Kulkarni

Professor & Dean - Student Affairs

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