Dr. Hitesh Joshi

Dr. Hitesh Joshi is a highly accomplished professional with a rich academic and administrative background, spanning over 20 years. His impressive qualifications include a PhD in Electronic & Communication Engineering, an M.Tech in VLSI Design, an MBA in Human Resource Management, and a Bachelor's in Electronics & Communication Engineering. Dr. Joshi's career has been marked by a wealth of experiences in both academia and administration.

Dr. Joshi currently holds the position of Director of Student Affairs. In the previous Organisation he also served as the Dean of Engineering, Director of Admissions and Dean of Student Affairs. His responsibilities are extensive and include overseeing academic and administrative functions for multiple University and engineering colleges for various aspects of student development.

In addition to his academic and research endeavours, Dr. Joshi is known for his involvement in various research projects, seminars, and workshops. His ability to manage complex academic and administrative tasks, along with his extensive experience, is a testament to his exceptional leadership in the field of higher education.

Dr. Hitesh Joshi

Director - Student Affairs

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