Dr. Dinesh Seth

Dr. Dinesh Seth, the Professor and Dean of the School of Engineering at MIT-WPU, is an accomplished academician and a visionary leader. With a distinguished career spanning academia, administration, and research, he exemplifies excellence in every facet of his profession.

As an educator, Dr. Seth has consistently demonstrated a profound commitment to research, teaching, and corporate training across various levels, from undergraduate to Ph.D. His administrative acumen is evident in overseeing academic programmes, achieving accreditations and rankings, aligning with industry needs, and enhancing research productivity.

Dr. Seth's notable contributions extend to the development and delivery of corporate training programs in critical areas such as Strategic Quality Management, Six Sigma, and Operations Management. In this capacity, he effectively bridges the gap between academia and industry, imparting valuable insights and practical knowledge to professionals. His impressive portfolio extends to consultancy assignments focusing on Operations Management, where he has been a team member and leader, addressing critical issues such as cycle time reduction, quality enhancement, SCM, and capacity utilisation.

Dr. Seth's research contributions are equally remarkable, with publications in esteemed ABDC-listed journals, research grants from NSF in the USA, and multiple prestigious research awards from Emerald, UK, and the USA. His innovative work extends to patenting and authoring impactful books in green management areas.

As an Editorial Board member for esteemed journals like Emerald and Taylor and Francis, Dr. Seth continues to shape the academic landscape, solidifying his reputation as an influential leader in the School of Engineering and Technology at MIT-WPU. His strong commitment to academic excellence, research innovation, and industry engagement makes him a transformative force in the field of education.

Dr. Seth brings extensive experience from his longstanding association with India's premier business school, NITIE, Mumbai, where he made significant contributions to Operations & Supply Chain Management. His international exposure as a Programme Director highlights his global perspective and ability to drive educational initiatives on an international scale.

Dr. Dinesh Seth

Professor & Dean - School of Engineering & Technology

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