Management Leadership


Consisting of eminent international and national educationists as well as industrialists, the MIT-WPU ‘Leadership’ can always be counted on to provide excellent advice to keep our university abreast with the latest technological and industrial requirements of the nation, and the world.

Dr. Jay P. Gore
Vincent P. Reilly
Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University
AIAA Fellow, 2009
ASME Fellow, 2006
U. S. Presidential Young Investigator Award winner; 1991

Mr. Anand Sudarshan
Founder & Director of Sylvant Advisors Pvt. Ltd
Vice-Chairman of EDGE’s Vision Group
Member of CII’s & FICCI’s National Committees on Education Fund advisor, TVS Capital Funds.

V. G. Narayanan
Sr. Management Faculty, Harvard Business School
Ph.D. in Business & MA in Economics, Stanford University
Thomas D. Casserly Jr. Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
Member, American Accounting Association
Member, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
Member, Board of directors, Leader Bank
Member, Board of trustees, Fessenden School.

Dr. K. E. Seetharam
Dr Seetharam (Founding Director, Global Asia Institute; Senior Engineering Faculty at National University of Singapore) worked to develop and strengthen knowledge and data gathering and distribution across ADB to help spur innovative solutions to the varied development challenges

Mr. Nanik K. Rupani
Chairman, Roopmeck Electricals Pvt. Ltd.
Chairman Emeritus, Priyadarshni Academy
Chairman, Neutron Electronics Pvt. Ltd.