Prof. Mrs. Aparna Nagure

Assistant Professor,Concrete Technology Laboratory Incharge, PG Departmental Library Incharge   Qualification: Civil (T& CP) B.E. Civil

Prof. Jagruti Patil

Assistant Prof, Civil Engineering   Qualification: Ph.D.(pursuing) M.E. Structural Engineeing B.E. Civil   Research Papers: Research paper 1 : Jagruti

Prof.Dr. Yogendra Kanitkar

Asst. Professor, Environmental Engineering, Department of civil engineering   Qualification: Ph.D. Environmental Engineering M.S. Environmental Engineering B.E. Environmental Engineering  

Prof. Dr. Ajit Pati

Qualification: Ph.D Civil Engineering M.E. Structures B.E. Civil   Research papers: Research paper 1 : Risk in the equipment’s on

Prof. Dr. Sudhir Patil

Professor in Civil Engineering, National tour,Industry-Institute,Discilipline Coordinator, MIT WPU, Pune. LMISTE,LMSEA   Qualification: Ph.D. Structures M.E. Structures B.E. Civil  

Prof. Anuradha Deshmukh

Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering Lab Incharge Qualification: M.Tech. (Environmental Engineering) B.E. Civil   Research Papers: Research paper 1 : Investigation

Prof. Priyanka Chandure

2.9 years Teaching (Assistant Professor)+ 6 months Industrial (Quality Analyst at Bentley Systems)   Qualification: M.E. (Environmental Engineering) B.E. Civil

Prof. Kedar Shinge

Assistant Professor ,Department of Civil Engineering   Qualification: M.Tech. (Structural Engineering) B.Tech. Civil   Research Papers: Research paper 1 :